Adam’s the bacon maker at our house. He always cooks it best.

Adam wants me to go into the eye doctor with our son so I can get new glasses. I hardly ever wear them anyway! The ones I have are fine. He told me, when I forgot our son’s appointment, to make myself one too. I don’t need to. He’s being a butthead…

3 thoughts on “🙄

  1. I just noticed that you did an eye roll. Very disrespectful. To put this in perspective: arguing plus disrespect like that from my wife would have herb sleeping on her tummy tonight and I have been told several times that I am too lenient. Just saying……….


  2. Well Eve, you may not think you need new glasses but if Adam says you do, then you need to do as he says or suffer the consequences, meaning a very warm bottom. Adam is the man of the house and your partner and The Boss. Sir

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