Some positive thinking

I have a few positive thoughts I wanted to write about. First off, I haven’t smoked a cigarette in over 3 whole months! Even when life went to hell in a hand basket almost immediately after I quit, I didn’t touch a single cigarette. I’m patting myself on the back seeing this is actually a pretty big accomplishment as I ponder it all.

My next positive thought was in realizing Adam and I are getting our groove back. For the first time in months, I’m able to go to bed and do things besides lay there with a head and heart full of my nightmare inducing reality. Finally, I’m wanting and enjoying sex again!

I’m also enjoying music again for the first time in way too long. Music has helped me to climb up out of every tough spot in my life. The last several days, I will get in my car, crank up my iTunes playlist, and drive around the city for as long as I need to jam out. I’m currently sitting in the school parking lot waiting for my daughter and playing Jason Aldean’s newest album. “Ride All Night” is one of those sexy songs that makes me text naughty things to Adam. My dad is in the music industry, and I grew up with music being a big part of my life. I suppose that could be why it has so much meaning and power for me. My daughter plays guitar, writes songs, and she sings in honor choir, so I believe that “gene” has passed onto the next generation as well! Whatever the reason for my love of all things musical, it is helping me to get back to myself, and it’s amazing.

I’ll end this post here, and maybe have sent some of my positive vibes out into blogland as well. Hope everyone has a blessed and beautiful day!

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