Real Housewives

Have you ever seen the Real Housewives series? I used to watch Real Housewives of Orange County. I have watched some others, but not very often. I used to like Gretchen, from old RHOC episodes. Most of those middle aged bitches drove me nuts, though! The most self centered, egotistical, fake women. They waste so much time and money simply trying to look better than each other. I have the biggest house. My boat’s bigger. My Rolex has more diamonds. My boob job looks better. It never ends. I have had the misfortune of meeting plenty of women who’d be perfect for a “Real Housewives of Nashville”. I’m just not interested in their ridiculousness. I can’t stand the fake friendliness that exudes from some people. To the point that, I will call it out and make my way to the nearest exit. In my teens and early twenties, I will admit I could be one of the “mean girls”. I’m way past that shit. These people usually wind up with children who act just like their parents. That’s the last thing I want to teach my own kids to emulate. I keep my circle tight. I have plenty of acquaintances, but I only have a handful of real, ride or die, friends. I’m perfectly happy with that. I never have to compete with my friends. We celebrate each other’s successes, grieve each other’s losses. We never brag about our bank account balances. We don’t judge one another based on superficial bullshit that doesn’t really even matter. We’re the “REAL housewives”.

I hate the socialite scene. It’s boring. It’s fake as hell. We all can’t stand each other. My polite wears thin real fast, when I have to participate in one of these “let’s brag about who has what, and gossip about who doesn’t now” events. For this reason, Adam and I rarely go to these kinds of things. We were at a Christmas party, a few years ago, and I met a friend. She doesn’t come from money, fame, or live a life of privilege. She got tired of a woman insulting her, to her face, and she wound up telling this lady off. A fight began, but quickly ended, when their husbands pulled them apart. Adam is friends with her husband, so we walked out with them, while they waited for their car. I met a friend for life, that night! That was a fun party.

I don’t hire a maid or a cook. I enjoy cooking and cleaning, actually! I’ve never had a nanny for my kids. I do my own hair and makeup, most always. I drive myself everywhere, with rare exceptions. Most of my wardrobe is from stores you’d find in a local shopping mall. I’m just not a prissy kind of girl. I like to look pretty. I enjoy dressing up. I just don’t give a crap about what anyone other than my people thinks, when it comes to how I talk, dress, parent my kids, and live my life. Blue collar, “rednecks”, make the best friends you could ever have. And, I couldn’t care less about what “Bimbo Barbie” has to say about it. She can spend her time with people who will never truly care for her. I’ll stay over here drinking a Bud Light with people who would give me their last dollar, if I needed it. Those are my friends.

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