Charm ‘Em

Yesterday evening, I was talking to Adam. He was heading home from work, and I told him I needed to call the billing department at our daughter’s doctor’s office tomorrow. Several weeks ago, I’d gotten a bill claiming we owed money for her visit’s copay. I knew I’d paid her copay. I always do, before we even go back to see the doctor. I emailed them two separate statements of proof that it had come out of our bank account. It was only $25, but it was the principle of it that made me fight. The lady I’d spoken to had been an arrogant bitch, so that had me arguing even louder. Well, we got another statement, in mid December, again claiming we owed this $25. Adam wanted me to just go ahead and pay it. I wasn’t willing to give in, though. I assured him that I’d handle it. Then, the holidays and all the craziness that those bring, came along. I kind of just pushed it aside. I realized that I am going to need to schedule our daughter an appointment to see her doctor soon, and it reminded me that I needed to get back in touch with their billing department. When I mentioned all of this to Adam, he said “damn it, Eve, that’s a spanking”. He told me that should’ve been taken care of by now. While I hear what he’s saying, I still felt frustrated because that wasn’t my fault they couldn’t get their shit together!

Adam walked in the door just as I was putting supper into the oven. He scooped me up, threw me over his shoulder, and carried me into our bedroom. He spanked me a few times, but he wasn’t seriously angry. He just told me to get it done. Awhile later, when we were in the shower, I’d rolled my eyes at him. He has not been tolerating that, lately! I do it a lot, without even realizing it. This is one thing he’s decided I can’t do to him, anymore. He will instantly give me a hard smack on my behind, when I roll my eyes at him. Besides these little incidents, things have been pretty quiet here.

I got my hair cut today, finally! I was overdue for a haircut. I love the way freshly cut hair feels and looks. I also got the billing situation solved with the doctors office. I put my southern charm on, and I managed to get it figured out, with the help of the woman on the other end of the phone. I was right, I did pay the copay, as I knew I had. It’s settled, thank gosh.

I sent Adam a happy text earlier 😊

Jackie had a rough day, yesterday. We didn’t get to hang out much last night, and I was gone most of this morning, so I finally got a chance to talk with her this afternoon. I’m in a good mood, so I was able to help cheer her up.

I sent this to Jackie, to make her smile 😆

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