Our not so secret, secret

We live in the suburbs. Our neighborhood reminds me of the streets and houses from that old show “The Wonder Years”. Of course, our houses are updated and I don’t think anyone in our neighborhood drives a wood paneled station wagon, but y’all get the picture. We have block parties and our kids play with all of the neighbor’s kids. If I need to borrow some sugar, I can call on a neighbor. Everyone’s friendly and it’s safe to let the kids ride their bikes around the block.

We were barbecuing and playing in the pool a couple weekends ago. Some of our neighbors and their kids meandered over and we cracked open some beers and sat outside on the patio. I had music playing and I jokingly leaned in and told my friend this song made me almost wish I did drugs because it’s a total “get high with me” type of song. We giggled and I looked up to see her boyfriend standing right there. He told me he outta put me over his knee and have Adam spank me for saying something like that! Now, I know he would never do that, but I also know he happens to have a lot of family and friends who’ve been destroyed by drugs. Nothing more was said about that and we had a great evening hanging outside with everyone. It was only later that I began to wonder, do they know? Adam’s never been shy about giving me “the look” or even about slapping my butt just because he feels like it. I try to live out my commitment to submission in my marriage. I don’t hide the fact that Adam’s the ultimate authority in our home. I have to wonder though, how much have our neighbors actually seen, heard, or inferred? Do we give off spanky vibes? Or, maybe my neighbors girlfriend got quiet when he said that because we’re not the only couple on the block with a paddle hidden somewhere in our house?

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