I Screwed Up

We’ve had a lot of changes the last several months. Adam and I bought a big beautiful house a little further outside the city in a quiet neighborhood with some great new neighbors. Our kids love our new home and their new schools. Adam now has about a 40 minute drive into work everyday, so that part isn’t so fun, but otherwise, we’re all very happy here.

I didn’t have much to report on here for quite some time. I’m normally very positive and energetic and happy to get things done. Recently, I’ve not been so energetic about doing certain things. Our car tags need renewed, and have needed it for months now. I have a large amount of cash I’ve been meaning to put in our bank account, but haven’t gotten around to. I need to call our pest control company because they billed us wrong. And, I was late paying a bill that simply wasn’t paid because I had to make phone calls and go through all that automated crap until you finally get to a human and I just…didn’t feel like it. I actually confessed about the late bill before Adam found out. He was super understanding and wasn’t angry, but he told me to make sure I got it done the next day (it was late evening when I told him). He also mentioned calling the pest control company. I even gave him a “yes sir”. The next day (yesterday) I did get that bill paid, however I was in a hurry because I had plans to meet up with my sister and take the kids swimming and she was waiting for me. By the time I got myself and kids ready, I needed to get going. I thought “It’s fine. I’ll just make the phone call when we get back home.” Well, by the time we got home it was after 5:00 and I figured they were closed anyway now. I assumed I could use that as my excuse anyway. When Adam got home, he asked me about this and I told him exactly what I’d planned to tell him about not getting home in time. He actually asked me to show him on my phone where I had attempted to call them. I couldn’t, because I hadn’t attempted to. He questioned why I hadn’t done it that morning. I had no good answer. He pulled out one of my wooden spoons from the kitchen counter and swatted my behind a handful of times. The kids and dogs started coming to my rescue and trying to take the spoon or get new ones to spank their dad with. They figure we’re just playing, like he often does when he swats my backside in the kitchen. Things settle down and I begin to get supper ready. Adam comes in and then starts to ask about the car tags and a few other things I’d been meaning to get done. I told him “you’ve already spanked me now, so you can’t get mad”. He says “Ohhh no. That was just a warm up until the kids are in bed.” Let me say, my heart skips a beat hearing that! This whole time, Adam has been very calm and even grinning at me while I’m trying to talk my way out of it. There’s no real anger coming from him, although I know he isn’t happy with me. Later on, we went out on the deck and each had a drink. We talked and laughed. Then, he starts to bring up everything I’d been trying to avoid again. He very gently asked me “What’s going on with you?” “This isn’t like you.” I admitted that I’ve truthfully, just been lazy. I don’t want to do some of that stuff, so I procrastinate. After about half an hour of the third lecture in a row I’d gotten for the same things, he said he was ready for bed. We brushed our teeth and got ready for bed. When I came out of our bathroom, he was already laying in bed. I wasn’t sure what to expect. In a complete surprise move, he made love to me! When we’re finished, he gets up and puts on his basketball shorts, walks over to our bedroom door and locks it, and then goes into our closet. I can hear what he’s doing. He’s taking one of his belts off the hook. I’m sitting up in bed, wide eyed, waiting for what I’m sure is to come. He says “we need to get this over with”, sits on the bed, and turns me over. I then see him throw his belt down on the floor just below the view I had from my position before I start feeling spank after spank after spank on my bottom. He was only using his hand, but it hurt! I have no idea how many times his hand came down on my sore behind before it was over. I don’t think it could’ve been more than a few minutes, realistically, but it felt like he was never going to stop. Finally, no more spanks. He pulls me up and lays down next to me. I lay my head on his shoulder, and we both fall asleep. He woke me up two separate times throughout the night to initiate sex. Today, I have a sore behind, sore lady parts, and a renewed respect and admiration for my husband. He did mention to me later when I saw the belt still laying on the floor, “Next time I get that out, I won’t be playing.” I think I’ve been well enough motivated to get some shit done on Monday now.

3 thoughts on “I Screwed Up

  1. That spanking was really good for you. Not only will it help your procrastinating problem but it increased your respect for Adam . You’re blessed to have him.
    It’s good to hear from you. Hurry back!

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