I’m soooo lonely

Adam left this morning. It’s way too quiet.

4 thoughts on “I’m soooo lonely

  1. You do have very nice legs. He will be reachable by phone won’t he? It’s not the same as having him with you but talking to him and hearing his voice will help you get through this hard time. If I read this blog correctly his voice can be calming and exciting to you. You married well. !

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  2. Just think of all the good times and your warm bottom, cuddle with your pillow with his scent, think fondly of your good times and he’ll soon be with you again btw nice looking legs 🙂 Sir

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    1. I DO cuddle with his pillow when he’s gone! He always turns it so it’s sideways against me when he leaves for work in the morning. Also, thanks for the compliment 😊


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