Am I Mad???

Yesterday evening, Adam called for a whole 20 seconds to let me know he was done early and he and some of the guys were playing pool. I didn’t mind that at all. He told me “I promise I’ll call you at bedtime to say goodnight.” Clearly, he did not wind up following through on that. I have not answered about a half dozen phone calls from him or replied to messages yet. I fully intend to respond in awhile with “Oh, I’m sorry. I got real busy and forgot about you!” Am I mad?? Nooo why would I be upset 🙄

So anyway, this is my day, so far.

3 thoughts on “Am I Mad???

  1. I am sooo sorry he did that to you. It was inconsiderate and he obviously hurt you (as well as angered you.)
    Your punishing him by not answering calls or returning messages will probably come back to bite you when he returns in 2 days. He doesn’t know he’s being punished and may be worrying about you. Besides that you love this man with all your heart and at some level not talking to him hurts ,you too. Don’t wait too long to share time with the man who loves you and that you love too.
    Again, I am sorry he did that to you.

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  2. Into everyone’s life a little rain will fall, he was out with the guys, they got carried away, sometimes important things slip our attention, hurt feelings sometimes are a natural reaction, no real harm was done, distance will be overcome, especially when he comes home, takes you in his arms and loves you! Sir

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