Up on my “High Horse”

I might’ve been a little “cocky”, arrogant, “lippy”, last night. I felt so good by yesterday evening. Got my energy back, my appetite’s returning…as well as my attitude. I was being a smart ass and told Adam I’m excited because I’m not standing right on the “edge of a cliff” with him, so I’ve got several steps I can take before I’m near the edge (the belt) again. I’ve got no guilt on my conscience at all right now. He reminded me how easy it seems to be for me to find my way right back to the “cliff” again. I said “I ain’t scared.” He threw me down on the bed and took his shirt off. He quickly removed my clothes and climbed on top of me. It definitely wasn’t the sweet, gentle, making love kind of sex. He was putting me “in my place”. It was sexy as hell, though.

Today, I’m listening to a new playlist I made. I felt like putting on a pretty little sundress and doing my hair and makeup. I’m cleaning and hanging out with my daughter. She’s feeling much better today, too. I think she’ll be able to go back to school tomorrow. I really want to add to the tattoo on my arm that my brother and sister and I have, and I got a great idea that just came to me. I’m feelin’ a bit ornery. Trying to channel it into things that don’t get me into trouble. I guess we’ll see where this magical day takes us?

2 thoughts on “Up on my “High Horse”

  1. I am glad you’re feein’ good and kinda staying out of serious trouble.
    I guess the type of intercourse you mentioned is sometimes called “rough sex”. It seems to take place when a man feels his dominance and authority especially strongly and he acts on it with his wife. Its a good thing, I think.. it shows the man is feeling his authority and that he is in control and she isn’t.
    Like you said “putting her in her place” That happened to me frequently and it always felt empowering to me.. Wife seemed be OK with it.
    Thank you for keeping us informed.
    This is one of my favorite blogs to read so I look forward to reading whatever you have decided to write about.
    Thanx again for the post!

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