Love Unconditionally

Last night, I was telling Adam about a comment on my post from yesterday. It essentially said that he’s showing me love, even when he gets out his belt. He said “That’s exactly what I always try to tell you!” Of course, I know this. I know he never wants to hurt me. He and I both can enjoy when he gives me a playful spanking. Neither of us enjoy it when he’s not playing. He often tells me that it isn’t fun for him to have to punish me. He has let a lot of shit go for this very reason. He loves me and he hates when I’m sad, afraid, or especially, when I cry.

I was sitting out on our deck last night with Jackie. The weather has been getting cooler in the evenings and early mornings. I love being able to be outside. We were having fun chatting and listening to music. Adam came out to ask me if I was ready to go take a shower with him. I sarcastically told Jackie, “Sorry, my dad’s making me go inside”. I can’t even remember what else I was being a smart ass about once we got in the shower, but Adam told me I was being “mouthy”. I kind of was. We started to (playfully) argue about something I also can’t remember now, and I told him he was lying like a rug”. He smacked my butt and told me “say it again”. Which (to me) clearly means, “fuck around and find out”! So, I said it again. He spanked me harder. This went a few more rounds before he warned me he could keep it up all night. It was silly and playful, but he would not let me “win” this. I am stubborn. I don’t give up easily. I kept it up a little longer. I spelled out L-I-A-R. My behind was red as hell before I finally gave up. He did, eventually, “win”.

This morning, I’m feeling better than I was, but I’m losing my voice. I sound like heck, but feel pretty good. I’ve got the windows open and I’ve got the kids off to school. Going to get me a cup of coffee and go sit outside for awhile before I start my work here at home. Jackie is home the next several days, so I think we are going to clean out the boxes in the garage and get some more storage totes to label and nicely stack some things away. Adam took her car to work and left his truck so we can load some things up and bring them to recycling. Tomorrow, we are going to take our long overdue shopping trip.

She’s enjoying the weather this morning, too.

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