Bail Money?

I marked out my protest sign to avoid any conflict when I shared this on here 🙂

We had a great time this morning at our little “rally”! Met a lot of cool people. The Army chaplain even came over to tell us he supported what we were doing and he said a prayer with the group of us. When we were finished, Jackie and I decided to call Adam and pretend like I had gotten arrested there. She’s really good at making stuff up for a laugh, so she called Adam and, unbelievably, he wasn’t even upset! She told him she was on her way to bail me out. A few minutes later, he text to tell her work was slow, so he would meet her there. I immediately called him to tell him nooo, don’t do that! We’re just playing! I was seriously starting to panic. It turns out, he knew we were full of it, so he turned the joke around on us… It’s been a wild morning.

Today is my little girl’s birthday. I’ve got an ice cream cake I’m going to make her and she requested “breakfast” for supper tonight. Going to make scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon, and hash browns. I don’t make grits. I know we’re in the south, but eew. I don’t drink sweet tea either.

It’s a busy day here at my house, so I don’t have much else to report today.

3 thoughts on “Bail Money?

  1. I am rereading old entries today. All went well until you clearly stated (oh the horror! It hurts 🤕 me to even type the heartbreaking favorite blogger in the entire internet (tears falling) does not ingest grits OR sweet tea!!I am know sure many many churches in Tennessee would ban you from their churches and probably already have. Relax I don’t attend those churches and I am messin’ with ya anyway. (Lol) I know two other people who either don’t sweeten their tea or don’t do grits However
    I know a couple of hundred people.
    Since you were so open I have a true confession as well. Here
    I am in Central Texas
    (almost 50 years) and I don’t eat greens of any kind. Can I still post comments here?
    Seriously thank you for this post!

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    1. Haha! My dad don’t eat any greens, either. Cracker Barrel makes some great collared greens, though! You know what? We’re getting a Buc-ees near us! I know that’s been a very TX thing, but we’re fixing to get one here, in TN now 😉 We also just got a Casey’s opened up in Nash. We always get their pizza, anytime we visit Adam’s mom in KS. We can have it anytime we want, now!


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