Another Week’s End

Today is Sunday. We are having my dad and his girlfriend, my sister and her husband over today for dinner. I made brownies because it was my dad’s birthday last week and I wanted to do something nice for him. Adam and our son are our cutting the grass. My daughter helped me give the dogs a bath. It’s just a nice, easy Sunday and I love it!

I have nothing to report as far as I go. I’ve been great, Adam’s great, life is great. The only “issue” I have going on right now is with Jackie. Not her, specifically, her latest fling. He’s a bad guy. I felt it the first time I met him. I tried to ignore my intuition on this, but every time I meet him, I’m more convinced I’m right about him. I’d told Adam about things I’ve heard and seen while he was here. Last night, he was back here again, and Adam paid attention. He understood exactly what I was talking about. I’ve never had this happen before with Jackie’s “friends”. Even the one who was abusive, I didn’t pick up on it quickly like this. Maybe I’m more cynical now? I can’t decide what to do. Should I tell her? I just don’t know. Adam told me he absolutely trusts my gut and he’s on my side. He actually told me, “I would back you up even if I thought you were wrong, baby. But I think you’re right.” That means a lot to me ❤️

One thought on “Another Week’s End

  1. Eve, sometimes our gut is entirely right,with Adam backing you with his faith in your feelings, maybe you should have a nice quiet chat with Jackie, no confrontational, just friend to friend. Sir

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