Fun in my Kitchen

Last night, Jackie and I played a game with my daughter, Mj. She wore earphones, and couldn’t hear what anyone was saying. We called some of our friends and had her “talk” to them. We would gesture what we wanted her to say. It’s hilarious and ridiculously fun!

Jackie and I stayed up until 1:00am talking and laughing. I had so much fun. We have nights like that, in my kitchen, where we aren’t doing anything in particular, just making our own fun. Adam had to go into work, this morning. He was irritated because we were too loud, and I guess we kept him awake. He felt that I was disrespectful, for being “too loud”, out in our kitchen. We really weren’t doing anything besides talking, after it got late. I had no idea he couldn’t sleep! I told him, he could’ve just told us to tone it down! It was so silly, but we had a back and forth about this, today.

By the time he got home, he apologized for being so grumpy toward me. He had sent a text to me, early this morning, and it hurt my feelings. He felt really bad, after he heard me explain my side. He asked me to “step into the office”, when he got home. I went into our bedroom, but I was “armed and ready”. We talked it out. No yelling or hateful words. Just talking. He apologized, gave me a hug and a kiss, and told me he was just tired and grumpy, and he shouldn’t have handled it that way. I told him I was sorry if we were being too noisy! Nobody intended to upset him, and we had no idea he wasn’t sleeping. It’s all better, now.

I’m making some pizzas for supper tonight. Jackie went to a concert with a friend of hers. Adam and I are just going to have a quiet Saturday evening. The kids are watching a movie with Adam. I’ll go join them, after supper.

4 thoughts on “Fun in my Kitchen

  1. You and your people are awesome. Y’all love each other tremendousl and build each other up when needed.
    You handled the issue with Adam well tonight. You should feel good about that :). There was a time not so long ago that this would have been a big fight and your bottom would have been warmed but not tonight. Calmer heads prevailed and it ended well
    Thanx bunches for a great post!!
    Have I mentioned that I love this blog? I really do! May God bless you and your people!

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  2. You are the most amazing mama. I love how much beautiful energy you wrap around Mj and your son. I love how you take so much joy in having fun with your family. It is awesome how you and Adam dealt with a simply misunderstanding with so much respect and care for each other. Never stop being you!

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