Birthday Spankings

Adam had to go into work today. He’s about to head home. Jackie, another friend, and I sat in my kitchen and talked and laughed, last night. I went to bed with Adam, about 10:30pm, so we weren’t up late or anything. My son and daughter hung out with us, for awhile. It was a fun evening!

A sweet moment before they went back to wrestling each other 😆

When I went to bed, Adam told me I needed my “birthday spanking”. He smacked my butt a few times. I giggled. I was feeling a little “buzz”, from the couple beers I’d drank in the kitchen, with my friends. That makes me extra “frisky”, and I really wanted my husband. I climbed on top of him, and got exactly what I was after. Thank goodness, because I woke up this morning to my lovely monthly visitor…of course. Perfect timing. Still, I’m excited to go hang out with Adam, tonight.

I’m waiting for Adam to get home, so we can take a shower and start getting ready to go out. I’m in a pretty great mood. Jackie will be here, and some of our other friends are going to come hang out with us, at our house, after we get back home. It should be a really fun Saturday night! I still don’t know where Adam and I are going, but I’m happy to go spend some alone time, with my husband. ❤️

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