Christmas for my Birthday

Adam had already told me not to make any plans for Saturday evening, because he’s taking me out. My birthday is on Sunday. I got to thinking, last night, and I so appreciate him wanting to take me out, but I don’t need anything, and I’d rather spend money for Christmas gifts. I hinted that, what I would love to do, is go Christmas shopping with him! I told him, I’d be happy to make some fiastadas or something for supper, and then Jackie can stay here with the kids, while him and I go do some Christmas shopping. He told me, Baby, it ain’t gonna be anymore than a couple hundred bucks.” Again, I said that I’d really prefer to spend that on our family’s Christmas gifts. Then he said, “I bring home ‘the bacon’, I will decide where it’s going.” He did tell me he would be happy to take me Christmas shopping, after we go out. I might look a little silly walking through Target in a dress and heels, but okay!

My poor little boy got in trouble, at school…again, today. I got a phone call from the assistant principal. She told me he was in her office and she was going to put him on the phone, so he could explain what happened to me. Essentially, he’s getting an in school suspension, because he opened a locked door for a couple of other students, and that isn’t allowed. The principal told me they have to take this seriously, because it’s about our kids’ safety. Unfortunately, people have been known to enter schools, with nefarious intent, so it is never ok to open a locked door. My son told me he was in gym class, and he knew these kids, and let them inside. I completely understand why they have to make it a “serious offense”, so that the kids understand it’s not a joke, but I still felt so bad for my boy! I could tell he was pretty shook up. I called Adam, right after I got off the phone with them. He wasn’t angry, either, but he also isn’t going to let it go. I’m not sure what he’s got in mind, but he wants me to “act like” our son is in “big trouble”, until Adam gets home to talk to him. I don’t think I can do that, though! He’s not a bad kid! Just makes bad choices, sometimes. I’m not good at being hard. I have raised my voice, a few times, but I always end up apologizing, because I feel wrong for losing my own cool, with them. Adam’s very good at being stern, but calm.

Besides all that excitement, not much else going on here. I got annoyed with Adam, yesterday. He will throw his coat down on a decorative table I have, in the entryway. It drives me nuts, but it’s also been muddy and rainy, so it was covered in caked mud. I started to tear into him, but I checked myself, and I just repeated to him why I’d appreciate it if he’d just throw it in the laundry, instead! That’s about the closest I’ve come to getting a bad attitude, for quite awhile now. All my behind’s gotten, is a bunch of “love taps”, and I’m good with it!

5 thoughts on “Christmas for my Birthday

  1. Sounds like a great weekend.
    Allow me to wish you an extremely happy 25th birthday !. Your blog has been a blessing to me ( as well as many others) .
    Thanx megabunches for all the time, work, and thought you put into this blog! I never want to take it for granted. You’re the best!


      1. It’s your birthday, not mine and I hope it’s a great one. birthday was only a couple weeks ago so Thank You.
        Your blog is special. Thank you!:⁠-⁠)

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      2. Happy late birthday, then! I don’t exactly get excited to turn another year older, anymore, but it’s always fun to be celebrated by the people who love you ❤️


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