Got What I Got

Yep, that’s a song title I just used. By Jason Aldean, my daughter’s favorite singer. My dad and her play guitar together and sing his song, “Night Train”, and it’s so cute hearing her sing with him. Her little accent comes out in full force, when she sings! My dad did an interview, awhile back. I never notice the “south” in his voice, until I hear it on TV or radio. I hate the way my own voice sounds, when I hear it played back to me. It’s interesting how different it is listening to people talk to me, versus hearing their voices played back for me.

We’re just having a “fend” kind of night, for supper. I’ve got leftover Italian meatballs, for meatball sub sandwiches. I’m also going to make some scrambled eggs with waffles, and some leftover sausage, because my daughter requested it. Definitely a random supper at our house!

Jackie has gotten more views on her blog, the last 24 hours. She was excited to see that! I really do love the way she writes. I’m more blunt and I curse. I sort of write as if I’m talking to someone I know really well. She’s writes so “pretty”. That’s the best way I can describe it.

I have yet to find trouble, with Adam! We’re doing really good. It’s been great, not having to worry about what’s going to happen, when he finds out I screwed up. I’m just happy. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love it. We are hanging out at home, for Christmas. I’ve had a Christmas Eve tradition of making meatloaf, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese, for supper. Our church (Joy Church) always has the kids come in pajamas, for Christmas Eve service. They get to go back to the play area and have fun. Our church has an indoor play area that rivals Chuckie cheese! So, after supper, we open our Christmas Eve present (always pajamas), do the church thing, and then come back home. Christmas morning, everyone opens gifts. The kids usually have us woke up by 7:00am. Jackie will be with us, for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. My sister, her husband, and baby Pj are coming over, Christmas Day. My dad and his girlfriend are also coming over. I’m making a big “feast”, for everyone. It should be a great time! My sister’s getting ready to go, with her hubby and baby, to visit his family. They live out of state. While they’re gone, Jackie and I are going to sneak into her house and set up a Christmas tree. She’s been wanting one so bad, but money’s tight for them, right now. So, I bought one for them, and we’re going to set it up with some extra lights I have, some ribbon, and some ornaments we all made, last night. Adam, me, our kids, and Jackie all painted some homemade ornaments. My whole Christmas tree is decorated in ornaments we’ve made over the years. We made extras, this year, to add to my sister’s tree.

That’s about all the excitement I have, for today!

5 thoughts on “Got What I Got

  1. Thanks for that. I keep trying all sorts of different versions. I have been putting a carbonara sauce and cream in lately with grated cheese. It keeps the sauce runny which I love as well and it makes it moist when reheating. The kids loved it. Velveeta cheese is definitely an American thing. It is an international food here and pretty expensive but I’m keen to give your version a go. What flavour do you use? It looks like there are a few options. I love how your home making is going across international borders!

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  2. I love how you create traditions to wrap around your family in love and familiarity. I love how you use the same foods to create that nurturing loving place for your people. Mac n cheese is one of my fav’s. Would you mind sharing your recipe? Completely understand if it’s a secret 😊.

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    1. Mine is very simple! I prefer the large elbow macaroni noodles. Boil ‘em, drain. Add diced up Velveeta cheese (that might just be an American thing, if you’re not from here, I’m not sure?) Also, I add milk. I like the Mac and cheese to have “runny cheese”, so I usually keep adding as the cheese melts, til I get to the consistency I like. Wah-la! That’s it! 😉


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