Snowed In

We got a lot of ice, snow, and COLD weather here! We went out, in Adam’s truck, and tore around a little bit today. I made chili, in my crockpot. We didn’t end up losing power, luckily! It’s been a really fun day!

“Whipping Kiddies”!

I love the snow, for Christmas, and I love being with my family ❤️ We haven’t done much else today to write about. Adam and the kids have the movie “A Christmas Story” playing, on TV, right now. Jackie and I have been talking and laughing in the other room. It’s just been a fun filled, cozy, kind of day “snowed in”.

6 thoughts on “Snowed In

  1. And abandonment issues. I totally hear and see you. It’s a bit of a two way street. They abandon you and then to save yourself and protect the people you love, , you have to sometimes abandon them. That is totally 💯 ok. You have created such a loving wonderful home with a man you love the socks off and desire like crazy. You hit the jackpot. But the real work is in the everyday stuff/the mundane which you totally nail. Go you!

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  2. Eve, it’s really nice to hear you enjoying your family time, the Christmas Season is really great when you have family and good friends to share in the memories. Relax and enjoy each others company.
    Sir 🙂

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