John 3:16

Christmas Eve 2021
Reading their letter from Santa on Christmas Morning 2021

I always wait until Christmas Eve to wrap Christmas gifts. I’m fixing to get started on that. The kids went out and played in the snow. We made some hot cocoa, when they came back inside. The front entry is a mess from the snowy, wet, dirty boot prints leftover, but I’m just not concerned with how clean my house looks today!

The kids decorated sugar cookies. We’re planning to watch “A Christmas Story 2”, later on. We’ll have our supper, unwrap our new pajamas, and then it’s time for Christmas Eve church services. Tomorrow will be a day filled with family and celebration. I probably won’t be on here, on Christmas Day. I wish all y’all a very Merry Christmas!

8 thoughts on “John 3:16

  1. I have been following your blog for a while & I love everything about your family dynamic. But this was truly the first time I needed to write how much of blessing you are to us other women trying to be submissive. John 3:16 Becuase He loved us ❤️

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  2. Eve, Adam and Kiddies, what a wonderful way to celebrate the birth of the Christ Child, may he shower your family with His Blessings of Peace, Love and Joy during this Holy Season and through the New Year. You are an inspiration for other families. Sir 🙂

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