Nothing Much

Sunday, we went out driving around in Adam’s truck again, and played around in the snow. We got the ping pong table all set up. It was a blast hanging out downstairs playing ping pong with Jackie and the kids!

Yesterday was Adam’s first day back to work, after our long weekend together. I was exhausted! I don’t feel sick, but my throat’s been real scratchy and I’m losing my voice. I sound very squeaky now.

The weather’s warming back up. It’s a little over 60 degrees outside now. Jackie, Mj, and I took Oliver for a walk, while she was on her break from work. My son is at wrestling practice. I washed bedding and hung it out over our deck. I absolutely love the smell of clean clothes that have dried out in the fresh air and warm sun! The weather is supposed to be around 70’s for highs with mid 50’s for lows, this weekend. We’ve got a bunch of friends coming over to celebrate New Year’s Eve with us. We’ll BBQ some burgers, get out our cornhole boards, play some ping pong, watch the guys set off some fireworks, and sit around the fire pit, just hanging out. I’m excited to be able to spend an evening out in our backyard again. It feels like it’s been a long time! As soon as Christmas is over, I’m ready for summer to come back. We had a blast playing in the snow, this weekend, but now I’m anxious for it to be warm out again. I’ve missed the sunshine, too. It had been cloudy, dreary, and cold here, for several days. Having the sun shining today makes me so much more productive.

That about catches up on all the excitement here at our house.

4 thoughts on “Nothing Much

  1. Eve, sounds like your family is having a wonderful time celebrating the holidays. Nice to relax and just do things around the house that need it, i take it that you have been behaving yourself, so well done. Sir 🙂

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