Make Up Sex

It wasn’t the weekend I’d expected. Friday afternoon, our son had a wrestling competition. He got hurt. There was concern he might have broken a rib, at one point. They determined that he was fine, just had gotten the wind knocked out of him. Then, his last match, he hurt his elbow. This time, he wasn’t as lucky. His elbow swelled way up. It was bruised all the way around. Thankfully, nothing is broken, but I insisted that he could not wrestle until his elbow has healed. Our son wasn’t very happy about this. He was crying, so I tried to explain that it’s because I love him, and I don’t want him to hurt himself even worse, if he wrestles again before he’s healed. Adam felt that I was over exaggerating, and argued that “boys get hurt playing sports”. Because this disagreement occurred, right in front of our son, I was really pissed off. It wasn’t even about the issue of whether or not he should wrestle again yet. It was because Adam chose to argue with me, right in front of our son. I felt like it made it seem as if I was just being mean to my son. I would never do or say anything to him out of anything other than love for him! If Adam disagreed, he should’ve done that privately. That’s how I feel, anyway. All of this created a lot of tension and turmoil, all weekend. I gave Adam the “silent treatment”. Our son gave ME the “silent treatment”. It was a mess.

Adam and I were finally able to have a healthy conversation, on Saturday night. He told me his thoughts, I told him mine. In the end, he apologized for doing that in front of our son. He understood why that bothered me so much. I told him that I wouldn’t have been so upset, had he had this discussion with me privately. In the end, we agreed, he should give his elbow time to heal. He could go to the practices as long as he wasn’t participating, until his elbow is better. His darned elbow is still very bruised and swollen. I don’t believe I was wrong! It doesn’t matter now, because we came to an agreement. I was just very angry and hurt that our son had to witness us argue about this. That shouldn’t happen. Him seeing his dad take his side, while I was arguing the other side, made it look like I was being mean to him. That broke my heart. Adam did have a conversation with our son. He told him that his mama loves him and only wants to protect him. That helped, because our son came downstairs and gave me a big hug. Everything was fine by last night.

The kids got this new game, for Christmas, called “The Chameleon”. We played that, yesterday evening. It was a lot of fun! Adam and I have “made up”, too. Bless his heart, he’s having a tough day at work, today. He is always in the top 3 people grossing the company money, every month. The office he’s in doesn’t want to see him go. He will still be with the same company, just a different location, but this branch is struggling with his decision to move. Some of the other guys are starting to panic, now that word has gotten out about his transferring. Adam is feeling both guilty, and ticked off. Guilty for leaving, and angry because some of the guys are so upset, they’re treating him crappy now. His transfer won’t happen for another week or two. In the meantime, these guys need to respect Adam and continue to get the job done. It’s a bit of a mess. I’m sorry for Adam, that some of the guys he considered friends, are so unsupportive. I can’t wait until he’s working closer to home.

I was on my period until Friday evening. That’s the same evening our son got injured. It wasn’t until last night, before Adam and I had our “make up sex”. So, it had been an entire WEEK! Why is that sooo good?! Oh my goshhh. I hate to fight, but I love making up!

I’m fixing my “famous” sloppy joes for supper, tonight. We make sloppy joes and sloppy nachos. My recipe is the best sloppy joe meat ever! (If I do say so, myself 😉) I baked some chocolate chip cookies, this afternoon. This morning, I went with my sister to a local coffee place. We sat inside and drank our coffees, while we chatted for awhile. Pj was with us, too, of course.


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