Last night, when Adam got home, he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. Then he gave my behind a slap, and spun around in circles, while we both giggled. Not only will he be transferring to the office close to our house, he’ll also be making a significant amount more. I’m sooo happy that it worked out!

We were supposed to be spending this weekend with Adam’s family, but they’ve got influenza now. My poor mother in law sounds miserable. Adam had already taken today off from work, and since our plans didn’t work out, he checked off some of his “honey do” list. He got a lot of things done today that he’s been meaning to. I’m not sure what we’ll do this weekend? Tonight, he’s going to grill us some ham steaks. I’m making “funeral potatoes”, and my lemon and pepper green beans. My family love my green beans! I just boil fresh green beans, add a bunch of butter and sprinkle lemon and pepper seasoning over them. You can add some chopped onion in with the boiling green beans too. Lots of people like to also add bacon, but I’m a weirdo. I don’t like bacon mixed into my food. I will eat plain bacon strips, even BLT’s, but I think bacon overtakes the flavor of most all the things it’s added to, and I don’t prefer it.

Jackie and I hung out in my kitchen, last night. She showed me her last blog post, and that sparked a whole conversation. It was good. I think we both felt a little bit “lighter” because of it. We were teasing and laughing about “666 men”. Adam heard this, and asked what a “666 man” is? I explained, 6 figure income, 6 feet tall, and 6 inch….ya know. Adam laughed and told me, “oh honey, it’s more like 6-6-9, let’s be honest.” I was laughing so hard! He isn’t usually that quick witted. He was in a real good mood. It makes me happy to see him a little “lighter”, too.

My sweet babies, right before he picked her up and showed off his wrestling moves 😆

My son is growing so fast, right now! I bought him new jeans, like a couple months ago, and he’s outgrown them. I got him a bunch of new jeans today, again. He’s officially bigger than me now. He weighs a few pounds more, and stands an inch taller. It’s the strangest thing to have my kid be taller, bigger, and stronger than I am. It’s a lot of fun seeing my babies growing into their own unique people. I’m so very proud to be their mama.

4 thoughts on “Heavy

  1. Congratulations to Adam for getting the job. Kids grow so quickly don’t they? Your kids look so happy. You guys have done such a good job raising them. That food sounds super yum.
    I thought the 666 thing was funny. You must have laughed when Adam said that !!!!!

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  2. I loved everything except the 666 part because I know what it really means. Great picture though. You have beautiful kids. I’m glad your husband got the job closer to home it’s so important to have him close in case of emergencies.
    I love your blogs I don’t always get to comment but I do read all of them.

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