“They say love is more precious than gold. It can’t be bought, and it can’t be sold. I got love, and love to spare. That makes me a millionaire…” ~Chris Stapleton

Adam and I are going out to eat with Jackie and Justin (new guy), tonight. When we get back home, Justin and Adam are marinating some ribs. They’re going to smoke them for supper, tomorrow. When I told the kids they would be having a “fend night”, because daddy and I are going out to eat, they were so sweet! Mj was excited her mama and daddy are getting out. She is always getting on us about going out more often. They won’t be unsupervised, while we’re gone, but our son is always down to make the popcorn and help get a movie night set up. He was checking our popcorn kit, making sure we had everything he needs.

Looks like we’re stocked up!

Jackie has set up a secret special “date” for her and I, tomorrow. I’m told to dress comfortably, and be ready to go before 2:00pm. I have a vague idea that it’s about “healing” from past experiences. I just don’t know what exactly we’re doing??

My sister and baby Pj came over, yesterday. I snuggled the baby, while my sister and I chatted. The kids were very excited to see their baby cousin was here, when they got home from school. Both my daughter and my son are just in love with her! I see the “gentle” in my son, when he’s holding the baby. It’s the most precious thing! I wish I’d have taken pictures.

Jackie has a new job lined up already. She’s a real good worker. Everybody loves her. Even her old supervisor told her, she couldn’t believe they went so hard on her about the discounts, because they all do it!? No matter now. She’s still going to be doing similar work, for a different company. Adam always says I’d make a great lawyer. I am very good at forming impenetrable arguments! In another life, where it wasn’t most important for me to be here for my family, I’d have definitely been a defense attorney. I’m just not looking to be anywhere but home, when my babies need me, or when Adam is here. I’m not disappointed in myself, that I didn’t choose a career. Jackie’s dream is to be a wife and mama, much like I’m able to be. I really love that Justin is looking for the same things. I truly hope this guy works out. He seems like the best fit!

I suppose I’ll get my eggs steaming, so I’ve got hard boiled eggs ready to add to the potato salad I’m making, for tomorrow. I’m also going to try to make myself look especially cute, before we go out, tonight. Jackie and I will probably get ready together. Today feels like it’s flying by!

One thought on “Millionaire

  1. I completely support women who want a career in paid work or a career at home. We need to stop undervaluing homemaking. It is one of the most important jobs in society as it is supporting and shaping the very future of society. Not only are you creating and supporting wonderful human beings, you are bolstering education systems through parent help, supporting your sister with navigating mother craft and therefore affecting the generations of children that will probably born from Pj and any siblings she has. Likewise with the children your babies have. You are supporting your husband to successfully stay in paid employment and think about all the businesses his salary indirectly supports. Who knows what the future might bring for you. But I love how you live so joyfully in the present !!! Hope you have a fun night out !


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