Generation “Alpha”

I’m told that “gen alpha”, is known as the “iPad babies” and for loving to play with “slime”. I can confirm. We have a big basket of slime and slime accessories, on top of our fridge. My kids have all the electronic devices. They do go out to play. They still jump on the trampoline, mess around on their swing set, play with the dog. They’re loving the ping pong table, downstairs. I just wonder how they’ll remember their childhood? I played outside, every single day. We rode bikes all over. We built forts, went fishing, hiking. We played kickball. We shot a lot of nerf guns. My son used to have an insane collection of Nerf guns and accessories. He’s only recently started to outgrow those. He now has more powerful ones. They’re locked away, and he can’t use them without adult supervision. His BB gun looks like an AR rifle, so he thinks he’s pretty cool with that thing. My babies are growing up fast.

They were supposed to have their bedrooms cleaned, yesterday. My son assured me he would get it done. I went upstairs, after Pj left, and he was passed out asleep. His room did not get cleaned…

This is all the further I’d walk in, this morning. Ugh. Boys…

My daughter’s room, on the other hand…

They’re calling for some winter weather, tonight into tomorrow morning. Freezing rain/snow mix. I went to the store and got the “milk and bread”. We’re ready for whatever, now!

Last night, Adam was teasing me, as we got ready for bed. He was smacking my butt (playfully), saying he needed to keep me on track, since my behind is all better now. I told him that I was considering telling him he could fuck right off, but I wasn’t going to do it. I repeated, I was thinking you could fuck off, but didn’t say it. I was pushing it! It was silly, but he knew I was wording it that way, intentionally. I did earn a couple of “not so playful” smacks, but we mostly just mess around with each other. He’s really been on me about rolling my eyes or cursing at him, though.

We had a blast hanging out with baby Pj, last night! She slept in my arms, in the big comfy living room chair. I couldn’t keep my own eyes open, snuggling a warm sleepy baby! The poor thing had to get some immunizations, on Friday. She seemed to be doing well, but my sister FaceTimed me, this morning. Pj was developing a rash that had spread all over her body. They’re taking her into the doctor. We’re hoping it isn’t a delayed reaction to her shots.

Now that I’ve got all my errands run, I’m hunkering down, inside, just waiting for the cold storm to blow in. I thought about reorganizing my pantries, in the kitchen. I’ve got my house clean, laundry all done, groceries put away. There isn’t much that needs doing, today. I just heard the furnace cut on. The cold air is definitely arriving.

4 thoughts on “Generation “Alpha”

  1. My room still looks like your son’s sometimes lol
    You have a wonderful family.

    Adam is still training you in the skill of showing respect. And…. you’re learning !
    My compliments to Adam, to you, to MJ for her tidiness, and to your son who is all male at this age.
    Y’all are the best!

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  2. Eve, sometimes I think our kids are missing out on life, most have their heads buried in different devices so much so that they can;t see the difference between what they see in real life and what they see on their devices. You are lucky that your kiddies still enjoy their outdoor life. They are becoming well rounded individuals like their parents. Keep up the good work and you deserve a gold star and a well done girl!!! Sir 🙂

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