The Machine

“…They keep screamin’ to wake up, but they’re all woke, not awake. We know the system has failed us, and all the media’s fake. I swear the government hates us, having opinions is dangerous. The system built to enslave us only works if we’re afraid…”

~Tom MacDonald (Renegade)

I didn’t get the kids laundry all done, Sunday, so I washed their bedding, this morning. It’s beautiful out! I’m hanging their blankets out to dry. I did some other random things, this morning. I cleaned the inside of my washing machine, my dishwasher, and my oven. I went through the kids clothes, and sorted things they’ve outgrown into bags to donate. I dusted all my pictures and decorations hanging on walls. I cleaned off the top of the fridge. I’m going to mop my kitchen, bathrooms, and entryway. I have a steam mop. I like to add a few drops of lemongrass oil into the water. It makes the house smell so clean and good! I just looked over, and my air fryer needs cleaned out, too… There’s never a shortage of things to do, here.

I’m making a ham tonight, for supper. I’m going to make my own honey and brown sugar glaze for it. I’m thinking I’ll make some baked potatoes and a lettuce salad, to go with.

I’ve got my little Bose speaker playing my “kitchen cleaning” playlist. The warm sunshine pouring into the house has me in a great mood. I swear, I get so much energy from the sun! Gimmie some sunshine and good music, and I can accomplish just about anything. I suppose I’ll go get some more done, now. Have a blessed day!

6 thoughts on “The Machine

  1. Just curious. Do y’all eat sweet taters? Baked sweet potatoes loaded with butter are awesome.
    You definitely take a lot of responsibility to waste your house keeping. You impress me greatly.
    Thanx for this post!

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    1. You know, Adam and the kids like sweet potatoes. I do make steamed sweet potatoes sometimes. They’re not my favorite..I know, I’m a weirdo. I also love to make my meals “colorful”. I try to plan things that way. So, ham and I’ll make the baked potatoes with some butter and chives on top. Then a lettuce salad with some cheese and croutons and Adam likes bacon bits on his.


  2. Eve, sounds like you have everything under control, you are on the right track, being responsible for the house. Dinner sounds wonderful, do you have room for 1 more he he he. Keep doing your best and Adam and all of us who follow you will be so very proud of you. Sir 🙂

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