I was showing Adam screenshots off allll our checking and saving accounts. We have one account that we share with our kids. They have their own debit cards, but I have access to their accounts and the ability to move money in and out of them. I always save some money into their “savings” accounts. I showed him that every single bill is paid. I’ve got groceries. I’m trying to stay on the “straight and narrow”, because I really don’t feel like being in trouble. He says my sore behind is my doing…

Anyway, I’ve been doing a great job. I’m not putting too much away into accounts we can’t touch. I like to make sure we’re saving for retirement and putting into our investment accounts. I can get carried away, sometimes. I’m not spending excessively (I very rarely ever do that). I’m not putting any bills off. I’ve forgotten nothing. We’re all good. That makes me happy 😊

Just had to share.

5 thoughts on “Actually…

  1. I am impressed!
    You’re improving in a lot of areas and while some of it may be to save your bottom, a lot has to do with your pride in taking care of your people (whom by the way we are gettin’ to know better) and that not only includes financial matters but personal issues such as improving your respect for the Head of your home. Who would not be greatly impressed by our favorite blogger?!
    Your family is the best!

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  2. Awesome Eve, I’m sure Adam and all of us who follow you are proud of how well you are doing, keep up the good work, keep to top of everything and your behind will thank you. Sir 🙂

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      1. Here’s to sleepin’ belly up!
        I’m not sure if
        that is being silly
        You will know you’re well behaved when you are on your sleepin’ on your back or on your side
        If you’re on your belly it’s a safe bet that (1)you have a deeper and healthier respect for your amazing Head of house and (2) you won’t be repeating the deed that brought that pain anytime soon!

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