South On Ya

“…We come up a little different ‘round here. We got a little dirt road dust running through our blood, from a never heard of it hometown. I got a can’t quit heart, and some take it too far, and a whole lotta’ never back down. If you come around here better bring it, ‘cause there’s no doubt, gonna put a little south on ya…We hold it down from Texas to Missouri. From the Arkansas hollers, and the grass in Kentucky. To the blue skies in Carolina. Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia come ‘n find us. Man we got it made down here…”

Jackie’s new boo, Justin, is from Wyoming. It sounds like his upbringing was similar to ours. He assures Jackie, though, that he never wants to move out of Tennessee. Thank gosh! My sister’s husband will be transferred down to Texas, in the next year or so. It makes me sad she won’t live here, where I can see her and Pj anytime I want to. I would be lost, if Jackie had to leave, too.

We’re babysitting Pj, Sunday evening. They’re going to a Super Bowl party, so we get to play with Pj. ❤️ I root for the Tennessee Titans, when they play, but I’m not big on pro football. I’ve never been a Vols fan. We’re a Nebraska Huskers family, here. There’s a group called the “Nashville Huskers”. They get together every Saturday, during college football season, and watch the games at a bar that hosts all of us Husker fans. Adam bleeds Cornhusker red, so we all cheer them on. The Huskers played the Vols, here in Nashville, for the Music City Bowl, a few years ago. We went to that game. It was a blast, but we lost. There was a lot of heat coming from our Vols friends! I will not be cheering for the Chiefs, Sunday night. They are one pro team that I cannot stand, even if I’m not a pro football fan. I’m certainly rooting for whoever is playing against the Chiefs! Mostly, I’ll just be lovin’ on my baby niece, though.

We didn’t end up getting any big storms, last night. I woke up to some crazy wind, during the night. It only rained here, though. The sun is breaking through the clouds, this morning. It looks like this whole weekend will be sunny, too. That makes me happy. I’ve got some laundry going. Dishwasher is just finishing its job, and then I’ll unload it. I’m going to vacuum. That’s a big job. I’ve got our bedroom, living room, dining room, the stairs, upstairs hallway, and 3 bedrooms up there. I put a new wax scent, in my scentsy. It smells like “wild berry cheesecake”. Now the whole main floor smells amazing. I ordered a blackberry scented candle. That’s one of my favorite scents, this time of year. I really want to make a trip over to Hobby Lobby, and maybe The Home Store. I’d like some things to decorate my mantle and there’s still an empty space on top of my kitchen cabinets, I want to fill in with something pretty. We’ve been looking at getting a new living room couch. My issue is, the kids and the dogs. I’m hesitant to spend a bunch of money on new furniture, yet. The kids will spill. The dogs will claw it up. I’m just not sure whether it’s a wise choice, right now? Jackie and I have been talking about staining my mantle and the stair railing a darker color. I think it would look really pretty. I also want to put in some crown molding, in the living and dining room. Always a project I have in mind!

I asked my dad to build me a little plant stand. He made me a real cute one, and painted it exactly the color I requested. I love it!

I would say that, probably 2/3 of the decor around my house, is made or given to me, from “my people”. Jackie got me a decorative truck, for Christmas. I’d been wanting one for awhile, and she knew exactly what I would pick out.

I plan to put seasonal decor in the trunk. I’m getting some sunflowers, for Spring/Summer. It had a Christmas tree in it, for Christmas. I’ll put some cute mini haystacks and pumpkins in, for Fall.

Adam just texted me. He’s having a great day! He just got nominated for a pretty big award. I told him, I’m so proud of him! It’s shaping up to be a pretty good day, for all of us. And, it’s already almost the weekend, again!

2 thoughts on “South On Ya

  1. Eve, you’re doing a great job, we’re only 5 miles from the Super bowl, things are already starting to get hectic here. Great news about Adam’s award, sounds like he deserves it and yes you should be proud of him. Families sometimes get separated by distances but it sounds like you will always be close to them no matter where they go. Hoping you have a great day! Sir 🙂

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