Daddy’s Hands

My husband is the most patient, gentle, sweet, loving man. He adores babies and children. I absolutely love watching him with baby Pj. I remember the first time I met his old college roommate. Adam was on the wild side, to say the least, in college. We had just had Mj (our youngest baby), when his buddy had come by. It was the first time they’d seen each other in years. I asked his buddy if he ever imagined Adam with a wife and kids, all “settled” like this? His buddy’s exact words were, “That’s what he always wanted, though! He always wanted to find a good woman to love, and have a family.” I’ll never forget those words. It touched me, hearing that.

I couldn’t have possibly found a better man to call my husband. To be the Daddy to my children. To be an Uncle, to my niece. Like that old song goes,

[Adam’s] hands weren’t always gentle, but I’ve come to understand, there was always love in [Adam’s] hands…

I texted Adam’s mama, and I told her thank you for making this amazing man. Along with one of the pictures of him and Pj. ❤️

6 thoughts on “Daddy’s Hands

  1. I think texting Adam’s mom was such a neat thing to do. I am sure it made her feel and probably brought you and her closer together ☺️.
    The only thing I regret about this really sweet and loving idea is that I didn’t think of it first:⁠-⁠)
    Congratulations on the Chiefs’ win!

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