That’s All, Folks

It’s only about 58 degrees, this afternoon, but we sat out on the deck and watched the kids play. They jumped on the trampoline. They played basketball. They played baseball. The ice cream truck went by. They chased after him, and got some overpriced ice cream bars. Mj’s best friend is here. Her friend, who lives across the street, is also here, playing with them. I hear so many little girl giggles. They’re sitting on the garage steps, singing songs together, now.

Jackie and I are going to get ready, to go out to eat with the guys, together. I ordered some pizza, for the kids and their babysitter to eat, while we’re gone.

It’s been a pretty quiet, easy day. Not much to report on here. My heart is happy. I love hearing the sounds of my kids laughing and playing. Our son joined them, for all their outdoor games, but he wasn’t up for doing karaoke with them! I wish I’d have thought to take pictures, while they all played.

We had a blast hanging out with my sister, last night. Jackie, my sister, and I sat in my kitchen. We talked and laughed until nearly 11:00pm. Such a simple thing is so much fun, when it’s with my people. Adam snuggled sleeping baby Pj, while we had our “girl time”.

I try to make sure I write on here, at least once a day. There’s not a whole lot to say, but this is what our day has been. In a little while, Jackie and I will start getting dressed and ready for our night out. We’ll probably grab a beer, put on some music, and get silly. I’m excited 😊

4 thoughts on “That’s All, Folks

  1. I look forward to reading what you have to share everyday and considering you have reached the 100,000 (and counting) mark it seems I am not the only one that you’re blessing with this blog.
    Thanx megabunches for this post and the blog that goes with it!

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  2. Eve, you are a lucky mother, living the good life with your attentive husband Adam and your loving kiddies, all brought up with a good value system. Have a great time, relax and enjoy your evening out, you deserve it. Sir 🙂

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