Best Friends

You can’t ever break up with him. They’re like, best friends now!

Jackie just sent me these videos she took, from Saturday night. 😂

This was not the same night, but seriously…they’re like best friends now lol

I swear, when we look through pictures, it looks like ALL we do is have fun!

6 thoughts on “Best Friends

  1. When the four of you get together fun and laughter follow. Y’all like each other. Hang on to what you’ve got! I know that’s a song lyric from way back but it applies to y’all.
    Enjoy each other’s company. Be good to each other and…Party Down!!
    I really appreciate and love this blog partly because it’s real life and it’s clean . Real people in real life
    Good times and bad. Happy and sad. Keep on writin’ !
    Thanx bunches for this enjoyable post!

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