What is Love?

Whether we’re having a guitar night at Poppy’s, going out driving around, looking for dirt roads to explore, playing cornhole or ping pong, or just standing around in my kitchen, we always laugh and have a great time. I think that’s an amazing thing, to have people who I can be silly and share laughter with. I’m just thinking about how blessed I am. I love “my people” so much.

We’ve had another awesome weekend. We’re already making plans for a ping pong night, next weekend. Tomorrow, it’s back to the “grind”. I’m feeling so happy, though. I’m so grateful for these people around me, my family, and friends who are family.

I haven’t had a bad day, for a good while. I haven’t been in trouble, with Adam, in a good while. I know it makes my writing a little less intense, but I’m loving it. We share much more joy than sadness, in our home. There’s way more sweet, than sour. I haven’t felt this “light”, in a very long time. Sharing the silly, the fun, the good here, rather than just the hard stuff, has really helped me to recognize how many more good days I have, than bad.

Here’s one more video from last night’s shenanigans! Adam might kill me for sharing this one lol, but I love it!

6 thoughts on “What is Love?

  1. I loooove the silly fun stuff. It really brightens up my day. Love all the normal everyday stuff, it makes you realise that our lives are so special and blessed. It makes you appreciate family, friends, jobs, food and so much more.

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    1. I so agree! When I look back, and read the things I’ve shared here, it’s always a reminder of all the awesome people I have, the places we’ve gone, and the things we’ve done. ❤️


  2. You continue to greatly impress me! You’re taking submission and respect seriously and tonight you talked about the benefits. There is more joy,more peace, more closeness
    You and Adam make a great team and God is behind your efforts. There may be some hard or sad times but your family will not just survive, it will thrive!
    Stay the path!!
    Azpop is correct your family is the best!

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