Safe & Sound

Neighbor lost a bunch of siding
Lots of trees down

We lost power, this afternoon, for a couple hours. It’s back on, now. That wind was nuts! We were in a tornado warning, for a little while, too. We had several shingles blown off our roof. The trampoline blew into the fence, but seems undamaged. Just glad it’s over.

The sun’s out, now. It’s supposed to be a warm, sunny weekend. We’re going to have a quiet evening. Tomorrow, we’ll get out the cornhole boards, and BBQ something. I’m sitting in the kitchen, with Jackie. We’re listening to Morgan Wallen’s new album. It just dropped. Justin is picking up a few things from the store. Adam should be getting off work in the next hour. I’m planning on a “fend” night, for supper.

That’s pretty much the entire day’s worth of excitement, here!

8 thoughts on “Safe & Sound

  1. I am so thankful! Sounds like a wild ride!
    . I am sure you held the dogs tight all night. Wind like that could have carried both of them halfway to Knoxville ..
    Thank God you and your people [and dogs) are all OK.And thanx bunches for a post full of great news!!!

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  2. Wow! Thank God y’all are all safe.
    We had some crazy wind, freezing rain, snow. Still is really windy here. We have a hammock strap that’s connected to the tree out front and it’s whipping around like nobody’s business. There’s ice stuck to our front door. My youngest grandson opened the door to see the snow and found the ice stuck to the door. He took off a couple small strips of ice off the door and showed us the ice. Absolutely not safe to go outside if you don’t have to. I have two left feet and if I stepped outside onto the porch I would be down on my butt in a flash and would have to call an ambulance to get me up and make sure I’m not hurt. I’m keeping my butt inside until it’s warm again

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