A Lot of Nothing

Pj got here at 7:30am, this morning. Then, my sister and her husband went to the hospital. He had shoulder surgery, today. I had Pj until almost 5:00pm. My sister picked her up just a little bit ago. Her husband’s surgery went well, though.

I didn’t get much else done, today! I need to pack for our trip. I’m going to get my oil changed, tomorrow morning. Adam’s working for part of tomorrow. Then, we’ll leave for Kansas.

I’m making some cheeseburger macaroni, and corn on the cob for supper, tonight. Wyatt had baseball practice. We’re waiting on him to call and tell us he’s ready to be picked up. Jackie and Justin are heading to buy a washer and dryer. They’re getting the keys to their new place, next Friday!

The last time we made a Kansas trip, Adam spanked me, the night before we left. I am not going to do that again, so long as I can help it! It’s been a busy, but great day, here. Not much to write about, but it was fun having Pj. Mj is so good with her, too.

4 thoughts on “A Lot of Nothing

  1. Hear hear, kind sir. And Allie and Vicki and so many more. Eve has created a community! Pj looks so sung as a bug, all swaddled up. Gorgeous wee baby. Safe travels and a well deserved break!
    Take care

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  2. I’m not going to do that again ”
    My goodness you married a stud!He spanked you sooo soundly the night before you left for Kansas. Now all this time has passed and you still remember the lesson you learned that night! Does it still hurt to sit?
    Are you still red back there or is it still just bright pink?
    The moral of this story is “Spankings change behavior!”
    If Linda was up to it I would be inclined to send her to Tennessee for a lesson or two. She would be calling me sir every time she opened her mouth! Lol!
    Y’all be mighty careful ! ( No kidding! You two are very very important to a couple in Texas, two wonderful kids, Justin and his special girlfriend, a sister and a brother in law, a beautiful baby named PJ, a cat called Oakley two sweet dogs and a man in Arizona that reads this blog as much as I do and more!!! oh! and let’s not forget a nice lady named Annie either!} Be very careful!!!

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    1. Lol you are sooo right! I sure do remember how much fun it wasn’t, riding all that way on a sore behind!
      We had a super smooth trip! No traffic jams, accidents, and only a few pit stops 😊


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