Long Live

~Florida Georgia Line

Mj’s best friend is here, for the weekend. Wyatt has no baseball practice, or games, all weekend. It stormed pretty bad, last night, but we didn’t end up with any serious weather. I know some surrounding areas had large tornados, though! It’s windy as heck, today. It’s warm and sunny, at least. We’re going to Justin and Jackie’s, as soon as Adam gets home from work.

Today, I spent way more time on my hair, makeup, and nails, than I typically do. I just felt like doing my best to make Adam feel “wow”, when he gets home. I’m pretty good at using makeup. I don’t use most of my stuff, most days, because my skin needs to breathe. It’s fun to do sometimes, though. I painted my toenails a summery coral color. I wanted to do my fingernails in white, but I discovered I need to buy new white nail polish. So, I left them clear. I put on some high waisted jeans, and a lilac colored, cropped t-shirt. My eyes are a hazel green color, but certain colors, and the lighting, can make them look brown. Adam, our kids, my dad, my brother, and sister all have blue eyes. I used to hate my eye color, but I’m fine with it now. Jackie has the most beautiful green eyes I’ve ever seen. They’re stunning!

I had a sick feeling in my stomach, yesterday evening. We’re fixing to spend an obscene amount of money on something. It’s not really that much, but I’m a worrier. I started to look through my bank and bill book, and did a bunch of math. I didn’t feel comfortable with the way the numbers kept crunching. I didn’t want to have to tell Adam this. He was in such a great mood. I hadn’t decided whether I was going to bring it up, or not. When we got in the shower, he could tell something wasn’t quite right. I had to tell him. After all the worrying I’ve done, for weeks now, about how to make this happen, and the other things we’ve got planned, Adam completely reassured me. I had forgotten all about money we had somewhere else. I’m generally the one who pays bills, moves money around between accounts, and all that stuff. Adam had something he’s been working on, for awhile now. I hadn’t thought to figure that into my equations. Now, I feel SO much better! Adam told me I should’ve mentioned my concerns, sooner. He hates when I worry about things like that. For me, I feel guilty, if I bring it up to him. He works so hard, and he is an amazing provider. I never like to tell him “I’m worried it’s not enough.” That feels shitty. He insists it’s his job, to do that kind of worrying. He’s not irresponsible. He almost never spends money on himself. I’m just wired in such a way, I overthink every single big purchase. I consider every possible “what if”. Anyway, I feel great now, and Adam was incredibly reassuring and understanding. I truly am so blessed. I would likely be a total mess of stress, if it wasn’t for my husband!

I have spent too much of my day on myself! I really need to get the kitchen cleaned up, and fold some laundry. Adam should be home soon, and then we’ll head to Justin and Jackie’s, as soon as he gets ready. I’m in a great mood. There will certainly be alcohol served, this evening. I’m planning to have fun, and avoid any eye rolls, middle fingers, or disrespectful comments directed toward Adam. Yep. It’s gonna be a good night 😊

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