Changing the Same

We had some storms here, earlier. The lightning was so close, then the thunder was super loud. Oliver went into his kennel. That’s his “safe place”. He sleeps in it, at night. I trained him, from a little puppy, to be comfy in his kennel. He easily goes inside, if I tell him to, but I rarely ever tell him to. He takes himself to bed, when he’s tired.

I was sending pictures of our living room, to a friend. I’m trying to come up with ideas for the walls. I’d like to paint that wall, where the big window is. Make it an accent wall. I’m thinking of a mustard yellow kind of color. I also have some other things I’d like to change. I hate our ceiling fan, in there. I’d like to stain our stair railing and fireplace mantle darker, too. Diesel kept photo bombing my pictures, though 😆

Can you spot him in this one?

Last night, Adam and I were talking, in the shower. I had questioned whether he seriously gets that upset when I roll my eyes, or flip him off. He said “YES”. Then, he asked me, wouldn’t I be upset if he did that to me? I told him, not if we’re playing around. It would depend. He insisted, it’s disrespectful, no matter what the situation. I disagreed. Adam decided he was going to have to do a better job of letting me know he means it, about not doing those things to him. Again, I didn’t agree with that plan. I guess we’ll see…I didn’t test those waters, last night.

Adam was kind of sweet, while we were getting ready for bed. We were talking about how his brother’s house had been a total bachelor pad, until recently. His brother’s girlfriend has started turning that house into a home. I asked Adam if he actually notices, or cares all that much, about how I decorate and arrange our house? I truly wondered if that mattered to him, because that’s something I enjoy so much. I pay attention to the details. I will have a vision, for something, and get excited about making it happen. Adam never complains about how I do things here. He’s never gotten angry, when I’ve decided to change something. He told me he loves the way I set our home up, and he loves seeing me be so excited and happy about ideas I come up with. I said, “That’s where I wind up spending your money, Adam. On things for our house. Things I wasn’t even sure you particularly cared about!” He told me, “OUR money. And I love it.” I think I’m pretty lucky to have this husband, who works hard to provide for our family, and never complains when I want to buy a new ceiling fan, or Easter decorations. Or, pretty much whatever new thing I come up with. Which happens regularly. He is absolutely not one bit controlling. He has expectations, and boundaries. So do I. He’s never cruel, though. We’ve learned and grown, a lot. I’m sure there’s still a lot of things we have to learn. I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate how awesome my husband really is, to me. He’s an incredibly kind, caring, generous, loving, gentle, and strong man. He’s my rock. He’s my favorite person. I’m grateful that I get to say he’s all mine!

4 thoughts on “Changing the Same

    1. Our miniature Australian shepherd is named Diesel. Adam and I considered naming our new puppy Axel, but he’s a pit bull mix. I knew he’d grow into a big boy. There’s enough stigma around pit bull looking dogs. I wanted to give him a name that wouldn’t sound tough or scary. I asked Adam about the name Oliver, and he loved it. The kids voted for “Oliver”, too. So, that’s the name we chose. I’m wanting to get an orange Tom cat, and call him “Gary” lol


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