Right now, I Really Need a Beer with my Friends

We’ve been SO busy! Last night, Justin and Jackie hung out with us. We played some cornhole. Jackie and I won most all the games, of course. Then, we came inside and played some new games they’d brought. It was a lot of silly, and loads of fun!

The card I drew said everyone at the table had to drink from one of my body parts. The boys got my hands…I had JUST washed my hands. Justin teased, if they didn’t smell like lavender something, he’d be pissed. I told him, they DO! Jackie insisted on a “belly shot” 😆

Adam and I got up, and he took Oliver for a run. Then, we took showers, and got ready to head into Nashville. Our friend was having an egg hunt, for all the kids. He used to live behind us, before we moved. Mj’s best friend (T), is his daughter. Wyatt is staying the night, in our old neighborhood, with a friend of his. We brought T home with us. We just got home. Now, Adam is lighting the grill. We’re fixing to have Justin and Jackie over and BBQ. I’m hoping to play cornhole again. The weather is iffy. It was 86 degrees all afternoon, but a storm looks to be rolling in. If we can’t be outside, I’m sure we’ll find fun inside.

That’s about all the excitement I have to write about, for today!

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