You Are my [People]

I like the way you keep it simple
Light shining in through the window
Waking me up

Hey, let’s go, walking on the sidewalk
I’ll listen to you talk, whenever you want

You are my person, You are the light of a thousand suns
You are everything I ever wanted
You are the one that I love

~Kyle Andrews

Yesterday ended up being crazy busy. I decided to seriously deep clean Adam and my bathroom. I scrubbed every tile, and the grout in between them. I cleaned the jets in our bathtub. I washed walls, and all the baseboards. I cleaned the cabinets, counter, and sinks. I wiped the mirror clean. I cleaned every surface of that bathroom. It wound up taking me two hours. Just as I was finishing up, Jackie, my sister, and baby Pj walked in. They decided to pop over. I talked to them, and played with Pj. After they left, I washed all the main floor windows. Then, the kids got home from school. I’d promised my daughter I’d take her up to a store near us, so we went there. When we got back home, it was time for me to start supper. After supper, Adam and I sat out on our deck. I watered all my flowers, we took a shower, and went to bed.

Today’s a little less hectic. I picked up some groceries, cleaned the kitchen, put away some laundry. It’s kind of stuffy, today. It says it’s only 84 degrees out, but it’s humid. My favorite thing to wear, when it’s hot, is a sundress. I just got some new ones, too. I’d mentioned how I wanted more of them, to Adam. He told me to go get some. He didn’t have to tell me twice!

We’re having BLT’s tonight, for supper. I do love to cook, but bacon is always Adam’s thing. I hate cooking bacon. Adam doesn’t mind. So, that’s become his job, when we need some bacon cooked. Jackie and Justin are planning to come by, later this evening. They’d asked if we wanted to sit out, if they stopped by, last night. It was already getting late though, and Adam and I were both tired. We asked if we could reschedule that for tonight, instead.

We literally always have fun! I love these people so much!

If you’ve ever seen that TV show, “Roseanne”, you’ll know who “Jackie” was. We’ve called my Jackie “Jackie”, for years, because of that show. Although it’s not her real name, it’s used a lot. I get so much joy in seeing my best friend happy. Justin has been such a blessing. We love him like family now, too. He’s one of “my people”. I’m ready for it to be the weekend again, so we can find some new shenanigans together!

2 thoughts on “You Are my [People]

    1. Aww, it’s neat sharing my life, my story, with people I’ve gotten to know through this blog. Getting advice, support, opinions is really good for me. I always appreciate all y’all!


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