Chess Pie

Someone requested that I share some desert recipes. This is a very popular one, here! You’ll need:

Unbaked pie crust

1 Cup granulated sugar

1 Cup brown sugar

Pinch of salt

2 Tbs flour

5 eggs

2/3 Cup buttermilk

1/2 Cup unsalted butter

1 tsp. vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 350. Mix sugars, salt, and flour in a large mixing bowl. In a separate bowl, whisk the eggs, buttermilk, melted butter, and vanilla. Add to the dry ingredients, and whisk until creamy. Pour filling into pie crust. Bake for 50 minutes.

And there you have it. A rich, delicious, southern pie 😉


Jackie and I had a blast, yesterday! She took me to this local place that has a “rage room”. We got to use bats and crowbars to smash bottles, TVs, boards. We had 20 minutes to “rage”. It was really really fun!

Adam and Justin grilled their marinated ribs and a few steaks. I had made potato salad, and some baked beans. Supper was delicious. Later, we played some games. One called “stir the pot”, and another called “tell me without telling me”. It gets silly!

Can’t remember what they were trying to act out here, but the picture makes me laugh!

Both Jackie and I woke up, this morning, soooo sore! Hitting something as hard as you can for 20 whole minutes turns out to be one hell of a work out. My daughter says we look like old ladies, walking around moaning and holding our backs. It’s worth it, though. That was an amazing experience. We’re definitely doing that again!

Making The Hard Choice

There’s an interesting dichotomy, to my relationship, with Adam. On one hand, I do get very turned on, when he slaps my ass. I love the random smacks across my backside. When it comes to a serious spanking, I don’t enjoy it. It isn’t that I don’t appreciate it. I wouldn’t say that I want those, though. If I’m honest, I don’t even prefer getting a spanking, over the alternative. The alternative being, we argue, ignore one another, hurl insults, and ultimately, never really resolve the problem. Of course, I do not want that! Is it the easy choice, to accept having my husband hold me down and spank me until he’s satisfied I’ve learned my lesson? No. That isn’t easy. If you were to ask me, in the moments before Adam comes home, when I know I’m in for it, I would absolutely say that I’d prefer not to get spanked. When I’m rational, reasonable, and calm, I know damn well that submitting to my husband, and accepting discipline sometimes, is the better choice. I do know that. I do understand it. That’s the hard choice. I’ve made the hard choice, to give over a significant amount of control, to my husband. I’ve done it, because I trust him. I’ve done it, because it works. I’ve done it, because I feel “lighter”, knowing he’s got me.

It isn’t easy, to quit fighting for the “steering wheel”. It isn’t fun, getting called out, when I screw up. It isn’t about those things, though. The whole process, it’s a learning and growing experience. Adam “steers the wheel” even better, the more I stop fighting him for it. I feel safer, and most content, when I’m not fighting him for control. Does that mean it’s easy? Absolutely not. It’s just right, for us. It works.


“They say love is more precious than gold. It can’t be bought, and it can’t be sold. I got love, and love to spare. That makes me a millionaire…” ~Chris Stapleton

Adam and I are going out to eat with Jackie and Justin (new guy), tonight. When we get back home, Justin and Adam are marinating some ribs. They’re going to smoke them for supper, tomorrow. When I told the kids they would be having a “fend night”, because daddy and I are going out to eat, they were so sweet! Mj was excited her mama and daddy are getting out. She is always getting on us about going out more often. They won’t be unsupervised, while we’re gone, but our son is always down to make the popcorn and help get a movie night set up. He was checking our popcorn kit, making sure we had everything he needs.

Looks like we’re stocked up!

Jackie has set up a secret special “date” for her and I, tomorrow. I’m told to dress comfortably, and be ready to go before 2:00pm. I have a vague idea that it’s about “healing” from past experiences. I just don’t know what exactly we’re doing??

My sister and baby Pj came over, yesterday. I snuggled the baby, while my sister and I chatted. The kids were very excited to see their baby cousin was here, when they got home from school. Both my daughter and my son are just in love with her! I see the “gentle” in my son, when he’s holding the baby. It’s the most precious thing! I wish I’d have taken pictures.

Jackie has a new job lined up already. She’s a real good worker. Everybody loves her. Even her old supervisor told her, she couldn’t believe they went so hard on her about the discounts, because they all do it!? No matter now. She’s still going to be doing similar work, for a different company. Adam always says I’d make a great lawyer. I am very good at forming impenetrable arguments! In another life, where it wasn’t most important for me to be here for my family, I’d have definitely been a defense attorney. I’m just not looking to be anywhere but home, when my babies need me, or when Adam is here. I’m not disappointed in myself, that I didn’t choose a career. Jackie’s dream is to be a wife and mama, much like I’m able to be. I really love that Justin is looking for the same things. I truly hope this guy works out. He seems like the best fit!

I suppose I’ll get my eggs steaming, so I’ve got hard boiled eggs ready to add to the potato salad I’m making, for tomorrow. I’m also going to try to make myself look especially cute, before we go out, tonight. Jackie and I will probably get ready together. Today feels like it’s flying by!

Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time

This song is by “Panic at the Disco”. Jackie and I use this song to describe our youth, together 😆

We have known each other for about 20 years. There’s a lot of stories to tell. We’ve had so much fun. We’ve found some trouble. We’ve had some rough times. We’ve always found our way back to each other, though. She really is the kind of best friend who’s more like a sister. I love her to death. She’s my “ride or die” girl.

Jackie’s 18th Birthday Party
We took a “girls trip”. Our flight was delayed, so we killed time, before our flight, at a thrift store.
Painting Mj’s nursery, before she was born ❤️
The night we met our old neighbors. He had a pool. We borrowed swimming trunks 💁‍♀️
Sam Hunt concert in 2019. This picture makes me miss having bangs. Maybe I should try it again?
“Booze cruising”, right after Adam got his last pick up truck. We had to go test it out! Adam and I “broke it in”, after we dropped off our friends.

We’re real people. This is the real story. These are real shenanigans, real pain, real laughter, real life. I told Jackie I wanted to make a post like this, so she sent me a whole bunch of our old pictures. I can always count on her to have our memories saved somewhere!

Cube Steaks

I’m pretty sure the way I make these, is very typical. I just put about 1 cup of flour into a mixing bowl. Mix in some salt and pepper with the flour. Cover each of the cube steaks in the flour mixture. Fry them in a pan with oil over medium high heat, just browning the tops. A few minutes on each side. Put the steaks into a 9×13 pan. Top with beef gravy and some onion. Bake at 300 for about an hour. They come out so tender and perfect!

I’m making macaroni and cheese, and some green beans, for sides. This is supper at our house!

Sassy AND Submissive?

The other night, after the spanking was over and it was time for Adam and I to take a shower, I got just a little sassy. I rolled my eyes. Adam didn’t appreciate it. He gave me one quick smack, on my ass, and told me I can answer him with yes and no sir, for the rest of the week. I wasn’t quite sure if he meant always I needed to do it, or just when it makes sense. It’s hard to explain the “rules” in the southern part of the United States, but you just grow into them, understanding how they work. You say yes sir and no ma’am, but not necessarily every time you’re talking to someone. So, yesterday evening, Adam had called me. We talked for a few minutes. He had asked me if I was still making ziti for supper. I was in a good mood, and I happily said, “Yep!” He teased me, that I hadn’t said “sir”, just then. At least, I assumed he was teasing. We had a perfectly pleasant conversation, but after we hung up, I started to question myself. Was he kidding with me? So, I text him. I asked if he was really serious? He replied, “you’re good 😉. Thank goodness!

Later, after Adam was home, I got to wondering. I wondered which of my “personalities” he prefers. I don’t have multiple personalities, but I do have different “moods”, like most everyone does. Different situations call for different responses. Although, I’m one of those weirdos who will crack a joke at a funeral.

It honestly surprised me the way Adam answered my texted question! I had to ask some more about it, when we got in the shower. He explained that, when I bring out my attitude, shortly after I’ve been in trouble, it looks like I don’t appreciate the seriousness. I get that, but the reason I get silly, is because I’m nervous or sad. I understand that he wishes I would be a little more “contrite”, after I’ve screwed up. I don’t exactly know why I react the way I do? I learned that I need to work harder to show Adam that I understand the gravity of a situation. I’ve decided I will try to incorporate more respect for my husband, even in my sass.

After this really great talk, I had asked Adam a question. I was frustrated that he didn’t take me seriously. I said “forget it”, in a very bitchy tone. Next thing I knew, his hand had connected with the spot where my upper thigh meets my behind. The spot that, when spanked, will instantly make me drop to the floor, in a desperate attempt to avoid any further ouch. As I knelt, on the shower floor, I looked up at Adam. My eyes asked the question my mouth hadn’t formed yet. What the hell? Adam reached his hand down, to help me back up. He told me not to get an attitude. I was getting an attitude.

It will be a very difficult weekend, if I can’t contain my inner bitch. We have plans for Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday evening. We’ll be spending lots of time with friends. It appears that I have a challenge ahead of me. I understand why Adam is demanding my compliance, here. I know he wants me to accept that I screwed up, and I need to remember that. Every time I want to be sassy, and I can’t, I’m reminded. He doesn’t want to be grumpy with me. He just wants to know that I took him seriously. He’s sort of requiring me to remain in the the same “submissive mindset” that I am, when I’m in trouble with him. He’s in charge, and I need to recognize that, even when we’re not in “his office”.

It’s a beautiful day, here! The sun is shining brightly. It’s only mid 60s, but it feels comfortable. Adam’s in a really good mood. His transfer here has been completed. They wanted him to take a week to decide if he wanted to stay at the office here. He loves it. The other branch offered him several perks, to go back, but he refused. I’m so happy to have him this much closer to home!

Sentenced to a Spanking

It was only Adam’s second day, at this office, and he ended up working late, last night. He didn’t get home until after 7:00pm. The kids had already eaten supper. I couldn’t eat. The kids were downstairs playing ping pong, while I watched and waited for Adam to get here. It was honestly a relief, when I finally saw his truck pull in our driveway.

Even when he’s upset with me, Adam always strolls into the kitchen, and gives me his sideways grin. You’d think it was an ornery type of smile, if I didn’t know better. I smile when I’m nervous. Adam smiles when he’s keeping himself calm, and holding back something. We obviously have “real” smiles, most always. These smiles, last night, were not them, though. He looked at me. I blurted out, “Jackie went out to eat with new guy. The kids are downstairs, playing ping pong.” I went on, “New guy brought Jackie beer. He took her out to eat. How’s come Jackie gets beer and food and I’m in trouble?” Adam replied, “Jackie isn’t really my concern, right now. And, besides, give them some time. Remember when [you did the first really stupid thing, after we’d just started dating]?” He was referring to an incident, years ago. He did not punish me, that time. I wasn’t getting a “get out of jail free card”, this time.

Adam pointed towards our bedroom, and said, “let’s go”. I put my head down, and walked to our bedroom, with Adam following closely. He shut and locked our door. There wasn’t much conversation. He just bent me over our bed, pulled my pants down, and spanked me. I’ve only had one spanking worse than the one I received last night. After a round of perfectly aimed swats landed on my backside, he paused. Then, he began to lecture me about how irresponsible I had been. He still worried there could end up being some form of legal trouble, at least for Jackie. I should’ve used my better judgement, and never gone along with our stupid plan. After he’d finished lecturing me, he put me back over our bed, and gave me a whole new round of very attention getting swats.

Adam held me in his arms, while I clung tightly to him. He reassured me that he loves me, and there’s nothing I could ever do to change that. He came out to the kitchen, to grab his supper. He told me to eat, too. I couldn’t eat, though.

I had told Jackie I would text her when it was “safe” to come back home. She and new guy walked in, shortly after I sent her the “all clear” message. Adam was sitting in the living room, and Jackie walked over to him. She asked him if he was mad at her? Adam told her no. She asked him if he’s disappointed in her. He said yes. She got teary eyed, and Adam gave her a hug. New guy cheered everyone up. He is a really good man. We all talked for awhile, and the mood was much better, all around.

When we went to bed, Adam started to run his hands over my body. As he began to remove my shirt, I asked him to love me. He gently replied, “What do you think I’m doing?” Then, he made love to me. I slept in his arms, although I had to stay on my belly. My behind still hurts.

Jackie and I are heading over to ship this damned box of crap back to the company.

Lucy & Ethel Go To Jail…

Jackie and I did something incredibly stupid. Last Friday, Jackie was informed that the account she handles is being transferred to another country, to save the company money. She was salty about it. They sell some expensive ass shit, and she had the ability to give out discounts and free shipping. She had something she’s been wanting, and we decided I would “call in” and order it through her. She ended up adding on something for me, and for my sister. She heavily discounted this stuff. Well, it arrived this afternoon, and almost immediately after, Jackie got a call from their headquarters. She was in big trouble. She heavily discounted these things, and they caught on. She’s sending everything back now. They threatened her with “fraud” charges. It was scary! We already spoke with our attorney, who was very reassuring, but still…

I had to tell Adam about all of this. He was not impressed. After I laid it all out, I didn’t hear from him for awhile. I ended up texting, please talk to me. He responded, can’t right now, I’m too pissed. I knew then, I was in for it. I proceeded to send him a string of texts explaining my side. He said, We will discuss this when I get home. I asked if that meant we will talk about it, or we’re going to “his office”. His response,

Jackie’s new guy friend came by and picked her up. They went driving around, went out to eat, and killed time while I wait for Adam to get home. My daughter asked me, “Soo, should we stay upstairs for awhile, when Daddy gets home?” The kids know Jackie and I screwed up!

Y’all, I haven’t been in this much trouble for such a long time! I’m just anxiously awaiting Adam’s arrival home now…