Safe words

Adam and I have never actually had “safe words”. When it comes to sex, “no, stop, please” are all words that will put an immediate halt to things. I rarely say any of them, but it has happened, and Adam has always respected my requests. When it comes to spanking, there are also no safe words, however I realized just yesterday that there is one tiny phrase that Adam will pause for. “I’m scared.” I have only ever said it a few times before, but when he pulled a hairbrush out of the drawer, I was afraid. It’s been months since I’ve felt the sting of a hairbrush. He’d gotten me into position and had his arm raised when I said it, I’m scared. He brought his spanking hand down and used his other one to hold my hand he’d already pinned behind my back. I didn’t get out of the spanking, but that small gesture made me feel safe and comforted. Obviously, there’s an element of fear when you know your butt’s about to get whooped, but Adam would never want to do anything emotionally damaging to me. It’s important to him that I feel secure in those vulnerable moments. I honestly have never consciously thought to vocalize those words as an attempt to stop, or even pause, a spanking. It’s always genuine when I’ve said it. I guess I just hadn’t ever really thought about their impact. I love that Adam knew exactly what I needed. I love that he listens to what I’m expressing in words and in my actions. I’ve never felt the need for a safe word with Adam. We are so deeply connected to one another, he can always read my body language. He gets me.

One thought on “Safe words

  1. i, too, love that Daddy and i have never needed to use safewords. We established them long ago due to the type of play we engage in. Mixing bondage and breath play, we felt it imperitive to have not only words, but gestures to let Him know. i’ve never had to use them. Daddy knows instictively what i need to be safe and comfortable. He reads my eyes and body language. i feel safe, loved and protected that i don’t have to express them… plus i’ve never been pushed to a point of needing to.

    We did test our safewords once. We were first exploring spanking outside of the actual sex act. One of those things He didn’t know He liked until we did it. 🙂 We started with hand spanking and different types of strokes and strengths of them. Then we progressed into belt spanking in the same manner. The belt hit yellow far faster than His hand. Once again, it was reassuring to know that we could try something new and learn together with my safety and comfort at the forefront.

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