7 Long Days

Adam is going to be out of town for work soon. He has to leave this Saturday and won’t be back home until the following weekend. We’ve never had to be separated for that long. A couple of days here and there, but even then, I miss him like crazy! I imagine this next week will feel like an eternity.

Adam had a rough day yesterday, so I was very glad that I had done all the things I’d agreed to. I didn’t add any fuel to his fire. He has always been so good at coming home and not bringing his troubles with him. Even so, I could feel his frustrations. My vacuum cleaner had gotten clogged with something while I was cleaning, so he worked on that. A napkin was the culprit. I’d been using the hose behind and around furniture and it appeared someone had dropped a napkin where it didn’t belong. I’d prepared a very southern meal for us. Smothered pork chops, green bean casserole, and macaroni and cheese. Despite my cooking, miraculously, no one in our home is overweight 😆 So, I spent the rest of the evening quietly cleaning the kitchen and giving Adam some space to relax and recover from a long day that hadn’t gone so good.

By the time we went to bed, Adam had shaken his bad mood. I felt a little sad that he was leaving in just a few days and we’d had a whole evening with very little conversation or silliness. I’m hoping that tonight we can get “back to” us again.

2 thoughts on “7 Long Days

  1. As they absence makes the heart grow stronger, I’m sure he’s happy with you behaving yourself, tho i imagine he’ll like to warm your buns a little, makes for a good strong loving relationship. Sir

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  2. A week straight without your spouse that you love and reverence is HARD. It’s true though that absence makes the heart grow fonder.
    I pray for a safe and soon return.
    I really like this blog.
    Thanks for this post!

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