The Belt Got Some Use

A lot of people will scream when they’re startled, or especially scared. You get up in the middle of the night, round the corner, and bump into someone who shouldn’t be there. Many people would scream in that instance. Me? I freeze. I always go mute when I’m startled by something unexpected. This is also something I do when a spanking is starting to really hurt. I yelp and give an “owwwwie” to playful swats and even the first of the not so playful ones. Once it starts to be actually painful, I rarely make any sound. I wonder if that’s weird? Adam knows me very well, and he definitely knows this about me, so I’m sure it has helped to guide him in how effective he’s being during discipline. He was in a much better mood last night, although I was already feeling a little sad knowing he’s going to be leaving soon. Not grouchy, just more quiet than usual I suppose. At bedtime, after our typical routine, I was just rounding my side of the bed, about to get into bed, when Adam came up behind me. He told me he wanted to get a little use out of the belt he’d left laying on the floor all week. He spun me around to face him and I instinctively threw my arms around his neck. He started to spank me with the belt and I did my yelping after the first few swats with it. He was smiling and I was giggling too. Then, he gave me one good one and I immediately stopped making noise and grabbed him even tighter. That was his clear signal that that one had hurt. He laid me down on the bed and used his belt to tie my hands above my head so he could explore me with his hands and eyes. We made love and I spent the night tucked into his arms. I’m as sexual a being as my husband is. I don’t know how I’m going to make it a whole week without feeling him on top of me, inside of me. I fully intend to make the most out of our last night together before he leaves. I love to feel the places he’s been on and in my body ache the next day just enough to remind me that Adam was here.

2 thoughts on “The Belt Got Some Use

  1. Some people would consider it harsh to hear me say I am glad you got your derriere belted last night but let me tell you I am happy for you!
    AZPOP1 is so right. Every time you sit for a day or two your bottom will remind you of Adam. That’s a good place to have a reminder !

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  2. it is always good to feel your love beside you and the little butt warming sessions will remind you of his love and help you to pass the time till he returns, takes you in his arms and warms you again Sir

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