Y’all…..It Frickin’ Figures

I’ve been feeling kind of crappy the last few days, and I just knew being at the hospital, where sick people go, I would end up with covid again. Darn it if I wasn’t right…. I have been achy in my head and neck and shoulders. My Apple Watch keeps telling me my heart rate rose above 100 while I appear to be inactive, which is a symptom I’ve had every time I’ve had covid. Never happens to me anytime besides with stupid covid. I’ve never been any sicker with it than with a regular head cold, but I get it that not everyone is that fortunate. My son was home yesterday with mild cold like symptoms, but he’s fine now. Still home just in case, but he feels good. My daughter has been perfectly fine and Adam has never had symptoms when we’ve all had covid. So, I guess Jackie and my shopping trip is going to have to be postponed ☹️ It figures…

3 thoughts on “Y’all…..It Frickin’ Figures

  1. I am soooo sorry you caught that COVID stuff again! I have had it 3 times so I know just a little of what you’re goin through.
    Take it as easy as you can. Behave yourself (if u can :). )
    To quote a part of one of my favorite songs as my wish for you…
    May the Good Lord bless and keep you!


  2. So sorry to hear it, just get plenty of rest, this too shall pass. Think of all the full you and Jackie will have when you go shopping, I’m sure you’ll be in the best of hands. Sir


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