I Broke Our #1 Rule

Adam and I slept in on Saturday morning until nearly 8:00am. He and our son cut the grass while our daughter and I did some laundry together. It started to storm and rained enough to put us in a flood advisory by early afternoon. We sat in the family room and watched movies with the kids most of the afternoon. Adam grilled some burgers and brats for supper. I made some pasta salad to go with. It was a really nice, easy day!

Oliver stole my spot when I got up!

Saturday evening, we decided to play some card games with friends. Jackie had apologized earlier in the day and things were fine between us again. We went to bed a little after midnight and all was well, until I woke up this morning with a pit in my stomach. I had lied to Adam on Saturday morning about something incredibly stupid. I had scheduled an eye exam appointment for our son that was on Saturday morning at 10:20am. I’d gotten a call confirming the appointment on Friday and then, I received a text Saturday morning at 10:30am telling me the appointment had been canceled and to call to reschedule… because we hadn’t shown up. A little later, Adam had asked me “wasn’t his appointment this morning?” Instead of just being honest, I told him it was rescheduled and that I’d gotten a phone call about it a couple days ago. This wasn’t exactly a “lie”, but it wasn’t the truth, either. I truly didn’t even feel a little bit guilty about it yesterday. When I woke up today, though, I kept thinking what if he finds out? I finally got the nerve to ask Adam to come take a shower with me. This is a big, waving, red flag for him, because he knows I often ask to do this when I need to tell him something that he doesn’t want to hear.

When we got in the shower, I told him “I think I need to tell you about something, but I really don’t want to.” He was in such a good mood, too. I was seriously wrestling with myself about whether to say anything about it. It took me awhile to spit it all out. I kind of tried to lay out my defense as I explained the whole situation to Adam. He stood there looking down at me for an uncomfortably long time. When he finally spoke, he said what I already knew. “If I’d have just told him the truth yesterday, it wouldn’t have been such a big deal”. He told me he was disappointed in me, and that it does piss him off that I lied to him. My behind has purple spots on it now from just his hand being used to spank me. I have never actually gotten bruises before! I think it’s a combination of my immune system being run down, not eating well the last several weeks, low iron, and…his hand can do some damage when he wants it to. It hurts almost as bad as a spanking when he tells me he’s disappointed in me. I do feel sorry for that. When it was over, he wrapped his arms around me and told me how much he loves me and that he never wants to hurt me. He let me stay in his arms with my face buried in his chest for as long as I needed. And then, all was forgiven. It was over. The weight was lifted from my conscience. Later, I showed him the results of the spanking he’d given me, but just a little while after, I was being mouthy, and he grabbed a wooden spoon from the utensil holder in the kitchen and swatted my butt a few times with absolutely no hesitation. He definitely didn’t use as much force as he could’ve, but it still stung like hell! I have come to the conclusion that it would not be a wise choice to do anything more to get myself into trouble right now.

2 thoughts on “I Broke Our #1 Rule

  1. I have a lot of respect for you using courage and honesty to confess what happened. I am sure the consequences of the lie were painful and probably brought tears. (tears can be a good thing) but it’s over now and all is as it should be.
    I have been commenting about David being a good husband
    I will say this though
    He has a danged good wife!
    Thanx for the post!!!


  2. Eve, it is always better to tell the truth from the beginning, lying or telling half-truths is coz for serious punishment, Adam was correct in his administration of your correction and his showing of his love for you after. I sincerely hope you learnt your lesson. He does love you and it shows. Sir

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