Not on MY Watch

We got our patio set up last night. It was a lot of fun making it pretty down there.

Screen door over there is a project Jackie is working on 🙂

Jackie had a friend come by and we all played corn hole for awhile. We were having a lot of fun, but Jackie had too much to drink. She tends to get dramatic and then angry when she does that. For some reason, she started to get after Adam. He wouldn’t ever talk to her like she was talking to him, but I sure as hell will. I finally had enough and, I kept my cool, but we went inside and she knew I wasn’t very happy with her. I love her to death, but don’t fuck with my husband. When we went inside, Adam told me thank you for sticking up for him and that he thought it was hot as hell that I did that.

I’m sure she will be sorry. Probably hung over as well. She’s one of the many people who won’t ever step to me because she knows I’m a force to be reckoned with. In high school, I could be a “mean girl”, but I’ve left that behind me. I never want to hurt anyone. I don’t back down, though. I have no doubt that, if she even remembers last night, things will be just fine today. I love to drink a couple beers and hang out with friends and family, but I can’t stand drunkenness. People get so stupid!

4 thoughts on “Not on MY Watch

  1. I like your loyalty and apparently Adam does too. Good for you,!
    In ny somewhat humble opinion.Jackie could greatly benefit from a rise in the skin temperature of her bottom caused by a loving caring and firm man as needed.

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