This is Getting Ridiculous

I had text Adam that nobody was on my side and I’m getting ticked off.

Pig headed….

Mmmhmmm 🤦‍♀️

I might be stubborn, but I sure as heck ain’t the only one being ridiculous about a danged pair of glasses. Ones I don’t need.

7 thoughts on “This is Getting Ridiculous

  1. I wrote this morning a much better explanation for my thoughts on this. I really do thank y’all for reading and for your input! I hope I’ve done a better job of telling “my side” today ❤️


  2. ^^ what Nora said! You just need to submit and obey, regardless of the why. Maybe you are right… that you don’t need new glasses, but is it really worth the fight? And the disobedience? And the sore ass?!? I think not!

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  3. Hi there! I read most of your posts and really admire the relationship you have with your husband. My two cents (as a submissive woman myself) is that it doesn’t matter if you need new glasses or not. That isn’t the question or really even relevant. If your husband is in charge (and it seems that you want him to be), and he wants you to go and get new glasses… you go. You don’t question why, or his motives, or if you need new glasses… you obey him. It seems that this is the sort of relationship you want, yes? Let him lead you… from what I have read here, you are happiest when he is fully in control. Give him your obedience and see good things happen for you both. XOXO

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