Let’s Get Controversial

Not my typical blog post, but I have some opinions I’m fixin to write down here.

1) Our second amendment (in America) is unbelievably important. Restricting gun rights for law abiding citizens is stupid as F and I will not comply.

2) I’m not even a little bit “anti vax”, but forcing people to put a brand new, operation “warp speed” drug into their body, if they don’t want to, is beyond ridiculous. Get it if you want to. Don’t get it if you don’t. I ain’t gonna tell nobody what to do with their own body.

3) Speaking of “pro choice”, I’m an enigma on the issue of abortion. Personally, I think you’re killing a baby. I’m sorry. I’ve had babies. They’re unique, individual, human beings who would’ve grown and could’ve become something, given the chance to be born. I was in a situation, with my daughter, where I had to consider this myself. I went in for my 4 month check up with my OB. Two days later, I got a phone call from them saying they had discovered something abnormal in a blood test that suggested my daughter had a “neural tube defect”. Meaning, she could have a brain stem, but would never develop her brain. She would die at, or shortly after birth. They sent me to a specialist and asked me to “consider my options”. Meaning, I could abort her now so that I didn’t have to continue with a pregnancy that would result in a baby with no chance at a life. I had 3 days to think this through before I had the specialist appointment. I’d considered it, I honestly did. Could I keep this baby, who I could feel moving inside of me? She got the hiccups. I knew she was a baby girl. We’d already named her. I had considered how old she’d be for her first Christmas. When she would graduate high school. Would she have her daddy’s nose? My eyes? I debated for a brief time, and ultimately landed on a solid decision. I would not abort her, no matter what this specialist told me. She had a perfect heart, lungs, hands, feet…Maybe God would see fit to work a miracle between now and then? Who was I to decide whether my baby lives or dies? Even if the very worst happened, and she was born to die way too soon, I knew I could give her beautifully healthy organs to save other babies who might need them. She could have a purpose. I needed her to have a reason to have been placed in my womb. A reason why God would choose this for her, and for us. I wound up having to have weekly sonograms to monitor whether she was developing normally. I carried her up to about 8 months pregnant. Went into labor at 35 weeks and she was born at 5 pounds and 3 ounces. She was perfect. She was healthy. It turns out, she’s an actual genius. She tested in the entire country’s top 3% of children her age. She read at a 12th grade level when she was in the second grade. She’s gorgeous. She’s amazing. I could’ve snuffed out this incredible child before she got a chance. I will, obviously, never regret my decision. Having said all of this, I don’t believe the government should be involved in these kinds of tough decisions. I hate abortion, personally, but if a pregnant woman makes that choice early in an unplanned situation, I just don’t feel comfortable telling them that they can’t. Of course, I have to add, I think late term abortions are disgusting. I had another baby who was born nearly 3 months too early. Healthy, happy, sassy little dude who is his mom through and through. There is just no reason to kill a baby at that point in their development. If mom needs baby out for her health, deliver! The baby is going to come out, dead or alive. Why not alive??

Did I mention I was going to get controversial?

4) I am absolutely fine with adults choosing to live their lives as they please. Straight, gay, trans, whatever. You do you! I have friends within the LGBT community and I love and support them. Now that I’ve made that clear, I think medically transitioning children is literal child abuse. Statistically, over 80% of children and young adults who believe they are trans, change their minds when they’re grown and typically discover they’re simply gay. So, why would anyone put chemicals into a child that could cause bone problems, cancer, infertility, and a whole host of other health consequences? Biological boys who aren’t allowed to go through puberty can never develop an adult sized penis. This means, not only can they never experience sex and orgasm, if they do decide they are, in fact trans, as an adult, they can never get sex reassignment surgery either. There’s just not enough to “work with” down there. Should a boy be allowed to wear a skirt and paint their nails? Absolutely! A girl can cut their hair short and play with stereotypical “boy toys”, too, if they would like. It’s the medical side of this issue that deeply concerns me. For whatever it’s worth, my LGBT friends feel exactly the same way I do about this. It isn’t a hateful opinion. I believe it’s the best way to protect children and their future well being.

Have I managed to annoy just about everyone, yet?

5) Joe Biden announced plans to pardon all federal offenses of simple marijuana possession. Good! Let’s do it! I don’t believe anyone should be thrown in prison because they have a drug habit. If you commit another crime, while high, you should be punished for that, but nobody should be in prison because they got pulled over with a little weed in their car. Or, for that matter, any other “illegal” drugs. Don’t drive drunk or high. Don’t hurt other people. Additionally, addiction is not an excuse to do bad things, ever. I’m in Tennessee. Our governor is a republican. He does some things I like, and some I don’t. Today, our local news has printed that he will “not consider pardons following Biden’s announcement”. Why, dude? Because it was a dem who suggested it?? The political bullshit is maddening.

6) Let’s talk about the Mexico/United States border! How many women, children, terrorists, and drugs are trafficked through our border? A fuckin’ lot. We keep the cartel in business with our “bleeding heart” approach to illegal immigration. Do we need a better, more efficient system for immigration, yes! Do we need a secure border? Yes! I have compassion for folks who are simply looking for a better life here. I welcome these hard working, law abiding people. I also don’t think it’s hateful to suggest that we need to care for our country’s well being first. Put your own oxygen mask on before you attempt to save anyone else kind of thing. People will have no America to come to if we implode on ourselves.

7) Finally, Afghanistan. Jesus, where do I begin? I think most all Americans felt we needed to get out of there. The way we did it, though…I have no words to describe how disgusted I was. I’m ashamed of the way our country handled the withdrawal from Afghanistan. I’m livid. That’s about all I’ll say about that.

Well, that’s my thoughts for today. I welcome respectful debates and comments! I don’t expect that I am always correct in my opinions. I’ve changed my mind on issues. I don’t think everyone in my life should agree, either. Hell, Adam is much more conservative leaning on several issues than I am and we, clearly, get along just fine. My sister is generally more left leaning than I am, but I love her and we have some very healthy, productive conversations. These things were on my mind, this morning. Probably not the kind of content expected to be found on my blog, I suppose, but I like to write what I’m feeling. So, I did. 😉

One thought on “Let’s Get Controversial

  1. Eve, most of what you wrote i tend to agree with, while leaning on t he conservative side, i try to see both sides. Stick to your guns but be open to others, everyone has a right to be heard. Sir

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