New Tattoo

My daughter drew a heart on my hand, last night. It occurred to me, I could get a heart tattooed on my hand exactly as she drew it. Then, I thought, I could have my son draw one next to it, so I have one from each. I think I might just do it! I never get a tattoo right after an idea. I have to let it sit for awhile and make sure there is no reason I might change my mind. I like the idea, a lot, though.

Just need my son to add his heart next to it.

Adam is at work. Last night, he informed me that he would be wearing his belt when we go over to my Pops place. Told me I need to be able to see that reminder. He is well aware that, a few beers and a bunch of my friends, can sometimes spell trouble. What can I say? He’s not wrong. I had gotten a comment from someone about my post from yesterday, and I shared it with Adam, while he was still working.

The weather here has been so weird. It dropped down into the thirties all last week. Now, the LOWS are 50s and 60s, which is warmer than most the HIGHS from last week. I’m glad for it to be nicer! I got up this morning, and the house smelled like it does in the Spring. Just a few days ago, I cut our furnace on, and it smelled like Winter. Oh well. Not going to complain if it’s trending warmer. I hate the cold.

I have some errands to run, and the kitchen is a mess. Going to try to get everything I need to done, so I have plenty of time to get ready for tonight. I have every intention to have a great time with my husband and our friends and family. Nothing but good vibes, over here.

One thought on “New Tattoo

  1. Eve, sounds like you have a wonderful weekend coming up, enjoy but remember to behave yourself, belt is there as a reminder which I’m sure it will be. Good girls don’t need to feel it again. Have fun, enjoy the music and being together with those you love. Sir

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