Typical Fun Ass Weekends in the 615

Out on the lake with some friends
At the bar my friend sings and plays at a lot

I didn’t get ANY good pictures, last night, at my Pop’s place. We usually have so much fun when we get together with our friends. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the way last night turned out. I was good! Jackie had way too much to drink and got belligerent. I love her to death, but I cannot stand the stupid shit said and done when there’s too much alcohol involved. She treated a lot of people badly, including Adam. He never raises his voice to my friends, but he definitely put his “dad voice” on and told her “DROP IT, NOW”. I’m disappointed in her for the way she acted. To top it off, she got in her car and took off driving, at about 1:00 this morning. That makes me angry as hell. She hasn’t been home, yet. I know she’s okay, though, because she’s been active on social media. My sister has kept me updated.

Even before we started our evening, my dad sent me an email my “mother” had sent him.

The email was full of some hateful shit, like usual. But, we’re concerned she is going to do something that would really hurt my sister. My very pregnant and already over emotional sister. So, we’re trying to navigate this carefully, without involving my sister. She doesn’t need to worry or stress about some hypothetical bullshit our “mother” might do…

So, I’m kind of grumpy and sad, today. The only good news is, I did absolutely nothing to get myself into trouble! I did yell at Jackie, but Adam isn’t upset with me for it. I’m not going to pretend like I’ve never had too much to drink before, but it is just so frustrating trying to reason with an intoxicated person. You can’t do it. I get flashbacks to my mother and the way she would talk to us. The things she was willing to do to hurt us, while she was drunk and high. It isn’t easy not to completely lose my shit when that happens. All I wanted to do was to have a great night listening to and playing some guitars, and singing some songs with friends. 99/100 weekends with friends in Nashville are a blast. Every once in awhile, it just doesn’t work out like we planned. That was not my fault, this time. I don’t believe I have anything to apologize for.

2 thoughts on “Typical Fun Ass Weekends in the 615

  1. Eve, even the best laid plans can go wrong. You were so good and I’m sure Adam was proud of you.
    I pray that all turns out well for your sister and Jackie is ok. I’m sure she’ll be ashamed of her behavior. Don’t let your mom’s actions spoil the rest of your weekend. Nice photos, a really happy couple. Sir

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