Took a “Sick Day“

My daughter came home from school with a fever, yesterday. She’s still sick, and had to stay home. Today is their Halloween party at school. They’re watching Hocus Pocus and had treats and were going to change into their costumes. I hate that she had to miss out!

Poor sweet baby!

We got some crazy storms here yesterday, too! Strong winds and heavy rain. I took a really pretty picture.

My plans for the afternoon are to snuggle my little girl, and watch some “scary” movies. I don’t sit down like, ever. Very rarely, anyway. I’m always standing, moving, doing something. Everybody knows that, if I sit down to watch a movie, in about 10 minutes, I’ll be passed out. I don’t know why, but I cannot stay awake during a movie! I like music to be on while I’m cleaning or doing chores. That wakes me up. But, I promised my daughter I would sit and watch with her, today. Other than that, there isn’t a whole lot for me to write about, because there’s absolutely nothing else going on here!

3 thoughts on “Took a “Sick Day“

  1. Hope your little girl is better quickly. How sad missing a special day at school. I’m sure you’ll make it up to her. Enjoy watching movies and no sleeping. LOL!

    []LINDA [] ________________________________

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    1. We watched an old movie with the Olsen twins. Double double toil and trouble…or something like that? It was cute. I actually sat with her and stayed awake through the entire movie!!


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