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This was Gadget & Gizmo

Gizmo passed away in my daughter’s arms, yesterday. She went up to him, as soon as she got home from school. She came down sobbing and holding him. She said “MAMA!” She held him close to her chest, while he took his last breaths. I was thankful she was able to do that. At least, she got to know she comforted him, in his last moments. I think the hardest part of being a parent, is seeing your child’s heart breaking and not being able to fix it.

We had a “funeral” for Gizmo, last night. Adam dug a hole, under the same tree Gadget is buried under. I plan to scatter the ashes of my cat, Buddy, there too. I haven’t been able to do it, yet.

The kids are home from school, today. It’s Election Day. I’m spending the day just lovin’ my babies. I’m so proud of my son. He’s growing into a “man” before my eyes. He stayed strong for his sister. He helped to bury Gizmo. He found our dog had dug up by his grave, this morning, and he ran out there and fixed everything, so Mj never needs to know about that. I know everyone says it, but I have the best kids! How did I get so lucky? I have a very blessed life, with an amazing husband and children. I have a big, beautiful house. We always have enough food to eat. I sit back and think, why me? I write about the hard stuff, but I also have a whole lot to be grateful for.

2 thoughts on “Life & Stuff

  1. Eve, as hard as it is to say good-bye to someone or a pet that you cared for, life goes on and you are teaching your children the facts of life, love and death are constant in our world, they must be experienced for people top learn and grow. You and Adam are responsible and loving parents, i only wish there were more like you. Sir

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    1. I wish I could protect my children from all the pain this life brings, but if I can be their comfort, when it comes, that’s the best I could ever hope for. It’s a balance between wanting to shelter them from harm, and needing to prepare them for what’s sure to come.


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