Pretending it’s a Snow Day

It didn’t snow, Saturday. It was dreary, cold, and “winter” feeling weather. We put up some of our Christmas decorations. I’ll wait on the tree. We usually put it up the day after Thanksgiving. Our outdoor lights and decorations will get put up over the next couple weeks. House is looking good, though!

Silly Girls
My babies, untangling lights
Jackie snuck a picture of me working on the banister.
Vegetable beef soup for supper 😋
My nativity set needs a new Joseph. Mine got broken in half ☹️
It’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!!

Last night, we ate soup and then put on some movies to watch. Adam, the dogs, and I got the couch. The kids sprawled out on the floor. It was a lot of fun.

Woke up this morning and I’d left the dishes in the sink. The living room is a mess of pillows and blankets. Not the way I normally leave my house, when I go to bed! I’ll be spending the morning cleaning up, but it was worth it. Everybody had a really nice “pretend snow day” in, Saturday.

5 thoughts on “Pretending it’s a Snow Day

  1. Everything looks sooo decorative and pretty. I loved the fireplace!
    The banister is beautiful . Looks like you have become a great chef judging by the soup.
    Your kids will remember times like yesterday and will probably do similar traditions with their kids. Your efforts will have a positive effect on future generations.
    It’s neat how you have turned things around! Your mother had a very negative effect on you. In many families that passes down to future generations and that’s sad. But Adam and you not only stopped that negative stuff but transformed it into a spirit of happiness, strong love for each other, and joy ! What a legacy to have!
    Thanx bunches for a joyful and beautiful post!

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    1. Thank you! I’m having a lot of fun figuring out how I want to decorate our new house, this year. Jackie and I are taking tomato cages and turning them into outdoor Christmas trees. It’s going to look great! I think I sort of “relive” my childhood, the one I dreamt of, with my own children. I want to give them the kinds of memories I wished I had. It’s the most fun, rewarding thing ever, making new memories with my own family ❤️


  2. Eve, you and Adam are doing everything correct in bringing up your family. Christmas is a special time for everyone to Remember the Reason for the Season, Jesus. You and Adam should be very, very proud of your family. Cherish these memories for all your life. 🙂 Sir

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    1. I am very grateful for the family I’ve been blessed with. I wonder, sometimes, how did I get so lucky? I had no idea HOW to be a wife and mama! Somehow, I’ve managed to create this beautiful life, though. With Adam’s help, of course. I didn’t really have a relationship with Christ, until I became a wife and mama. HE had a bigger plan for me, that I never dreamed was possible. My heart changed when I realized these things were given to me, despite my ignorance and lack of faith. Despite the fact that I don’t deserve them. The Christmas season is always a time that I reflect on this, and appreciate the reason for the season and all the gifts He’s given me.


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